6 tips to help babies walk

After 12 months, most babies are ready to walk. Some of them jump up quickly, stand up, and are already taking small steps holding onto the furniture in the house. Others, however, have a hard time taking their first steps. Perhaps because of insecurity or because they simply need to be encouraged.

As soon as you notice that your child already has the ability to stand for a long time without falling, he begins to move around the house standing up, holding onto the furniture and the wall, and holds out his hands for you to walk him to one side. to another ... is that clearly, he is prepared.

But ... how can I help him to get loose on his own? Write down these tips:

1. To help the baby stand up, you can use a stool or small chair. You stand behind her and show your child his favorite doll. You crouch down a bit, just enough that your child can catch it if he stands up. Once he gets to where you are (probably crawling), he will use the chair or stool for support to stand up.

2. Allow your baby to walk around the house barefoot. This will improve your balance and grip on the ground, giving you more confidence.

3. Use a ride-on, a toy shopping cart or a doll chair so that your child can take a few steps holding on to them. Babies love to push objects. Even more so if they have wheels! They will feel more secure and will train for when it is time to let go.

4. Encourage their curiosity. By showing him his favorite toy, you will make him want to come to you.

5. For him to learn to walk, better stand behind him. You give him your hands and raise his arms. Little by little you push them forward and replace your hands with a finger. You almost have it!

6. Teach him to brake. To do this, let him take a few steps alone and stop him offering one of your fingers from each hand. You let him stay still and balanced and you let him go. You will see how it holds!

As a last tip, a lot of patience. Not all children follow the same pace. Some find it more difficult than others, so don't be in too much of a rush to see your baby walk.

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