Children's massages after a lingual frenulum intervention

Children's massages after a lingual frenulum intervention

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On some occasions, from the hospital itself detect that the baby's lingual frenulum It's too short to breastfeed properly. In these cases, a small intervention is recommended to ensure that the tongue is perfectly released.

After this intervention, can you help in any way with a massage or exercise? We explain how they are infant massage after a tongue tie intervention.

Language is of utmost importance both for good swallowing and for future clear speech and communication. Hence, we have to pay special attention to the baby's tongue during the first months of life. If you have had to undergo a frenulum operation, you can help him with a suitable massage.

Next, we will try to solve the two main doubts that parents have when faced with a proposed frenulum operation. Is a massage necessary for a good recovery? What is the massage?

It is logical to think that before any operation, no matter how small (such as the frenulum), a recovery and rehabilitation time should be proposed. And in this case, the tongue and its frenulum are no exception: In order for the frenulum wound to heal properly, we must stimulate the tongue in all directions, otherwise the healing may reattach at the same point, with no improvement. When this happens we speak of ankyloglossia or poor healing.

Luckily, the stimulation massage it's simple, fun and at the same time it takes very little time, but it must be done regularly.

We recommend that the massage should be done by a specialized professional, in this case the speech therapist, and he or she offer the appropriate guidelines to families so that they can also perform it themselves. But then we share some of the top recommended moves to learn more about massage:

1. Play with the lips: If we gently caress the upper lip and lower lip of our babies with our fingertips, we will see how they reflexively and automatically open their mouths and make a first movement of sticking their tongue forward.

2. Play with the cheeks: If we gently press his cheeks inwards or even outwards with our fingers, we will see that he can still open his mouth more and with it at the same time mobilize his tongue more.

3. Play with the tongue: Finally, in a more direct way, we can also very carefully insert our fingers under the tongue in an upward direction to separate and prevent scarring.

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