The distrustful worm. Children's story about trust

We offer you a fantastic short story to improve your child's confidence in himself and in others. It's called 'The Mistrustful Worm'. Use this story to discuss childhood fears with your child.

The story of 'The distrustful worm' It will help you to explain to your child why you have to lose fear and get up your courage to face all challenges and let others help you.

When he woke up, Gusanillo, he was in the top of the tree, scared. He did not know how he got there, and he looked around, very scared, without moving anything for fear of falling into the void.

A butterfly flew by, and when he saw it he asked:

- How did you get there Gusanillo?

The very afflicted worm replied:

- I do not know. When I woke up I was up here. I am very afraidoooooo.

The butterfly, seeing Gusanillo so scared, went to seek help. He appeared shortly after with a little bird.

- Look Gusanillo, this is my little bird friend, he will help you down to the ground- Told him. Get into its peak.

Gusanillo, suspicious, immediately refused the help they gave him.

- Nooooooooooooo! Not crazyoooo! - He said twisting, at the same time that he made a ball.

The little bird, seeing Gusanillo's attitude, walked away confused without looking back. Immediately, the butterfly appeared with a squirrel and said:

- Look Gusanillo, my squirrel friend will help you down to the ground. Get on her back, with her you will be safe.

- Nooooooooooooo! Not crazyoooo! he yelled again, suspicious of the squirrel, and rolled up tighter and tighter.

The squirrel, seeing Gusanillo's reaction, jumped into another tree and walked away without understanding anything. The butterfly returned, this time, with a little monkey friend.

- Look Gusanillo, my little monkey friend will help you, if you really want help. Jump into the palm of his hand and he will lower you to the ground - she said, fed up with her mistrusting the goodwill of her friends.

- Nooooooooooooo! Not crazy! - Gusanillo yelled again, scaled, becoming almost invisible from how tightly he coiled himself.

The little monkey, seeing the reaction of the worm, climbed down clinging to the branches and disappeared screaming down the sandy path, thinking that this animal was so distrustful that it preferred to stay there forever.

The butterfly, disgusted by Gusanillo's attitude, spread its wings and flew away, with no intention of returning; leaving him alone, scared and high up in the tree.

That night there was a very strong storm. It rained, hailed, and Gusanillo regretted very much for not having trusted the butterfly's friends, and for not allowing himself to be helped.

Nonetheless, he was very lucky, because a gust of wind brought him down to the ground, just as he had uploaded it, without suffering any damage.

We suggest you make some reading comprehension questions for your son. Check if he understood the message of this short story with these simple questions:

1. What happened to the worm? Because I was scared?

2. Did the worm let itself help?

3. What happened to him in the end? He regret?

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