Marieta's bed. Children's story about dreams

Marieta's bed. Children's story about dreams

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Here is a great story to spark your child's imagination: 'Marieta's bed'. Find out why Marieta loved going to sleep so much and reflect with your child on how much fun it can be to use imagination at night.

Marieta liked to go to bed early. He did not understand his friends who were always negotiating with their moms and dads to stay up for ten more minutes. And it is that Marieta knew that although she had to go to bed and the day was coming to an end, she also knew that the night was beginning and that it also had its own games equal to or more fun than those of the day.

If during the day Marieta played in the park, rode a bicycle, dressed up with her friends…; at night the little girl played with her imagination and lived many adventures in her dreams. Also, in her dreams she never heard phrases such as: "You're going to fall!", "Be careful!", "You can't do that because you're still little" ... In her dreams there were no limits and she had so many magical powers that he could do and be anything he wanted.

Many nights he imagined that his bed was a great ship where he gave great parties to which many of the sea fish attended. While the mermaids sang, Mr. Pulpo taught Marieta to dance and the little sharks competed to make the biggest bubble at the party.

She also liked to play at being a great scientist. It was then that his bed became a laboratory filled with delicate flasks that cured all the diseases in the world. There Marieta was rewarded by her friends. Some nights Marieta also became a great writer of children's stories, despite the fact that at school, during the day, the letters came out a little crooked and that annoyed her.

Marieta's bed ranged from a castle, with playful ghosts included, to an enchanted forest, passed by an intergalactic planet from which she had to rescue its inhabitants. And it is that Marieta knew that dreaming was also playing.

Find out if your child paid attention to the story. We suggest you do all these reading comprehension questions:

1. Why did Marieta like to go to sleep?

2. What did Marieta imagine her bed to be?

3. What dreams do you have when you sleep?

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