People who decorate the house for Christmas well in advance are happier

People who decorate the house for Christmas well in advance are happier

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Are you one of the people who are looking forward to putting the tree, the tinsel and the first Christmas decorations at home in the middle of autumn? Do you count the days until Halloween ends and dove into the box of Christmas decorations? If these are your cases, you are not sick, nor are you exaggerated. What's more, according to a study, you may even be happier.

We tell you what were the results of the psychology study that categorically states that people who decorate the house for Christmas well in advance are happier.

It seems surprising, but a study affirms that it is so, that that neighbor that you have crazy about being the first to place the Advent wreath on the door of your house, may be happier. Is what he discovered a study published in The Journal of Environmental Psychology. The conclusion of the psychologists who participated in this study is as follows:

- The Christmas spirit reduces anxiety, stress, and negativity.

The best of all is that, according to the study, that happiness you feel as soon as you start to 'dress' your house for Christmas is not only yours, but you tend to share it with others. Let's say it's a 'contagious' happiness. Why? Because the Christmas spirit tends to develop all these values:

1. Friendliness
According to this study, people who are 'invaded' by the feeling of Christmas tend to be more friendly and cordial to everyone around them. Hasn't it happened to you that in the middle of Christmas it costs you less to be kinder to others?

2. Ease of forgiveness
The Christmas spirit also makes us more forgiving, and we tend to more easily forgive the mistakes of others. Perhaps it is because suddenly, being in a good mood, we make less of the things that are not really there.

3. Solidarity
Yes, Christmas makes us more supportive. We tend to focus more on the needs of others. Too bad it only lasts as long as the holidays last.

4. Want to see more of the family
From the moment we begin to decorate the house for Christmas, we feel more desire to see the family, since we tend to associate this holiday with meals and encounters with the family.

The study has actually surprised many, as many other people tend to associate Christmas with feelings of nostalgia and even with a certain sadness. But in reality, the study shows that this happens to few people. The majorityfeel your positivity and happiness grow with the first Christmas decorations.

However, the study also reveals a contradictory fact that makes us think ... According to the psychologists who participated in this research, listening to Christmas music throughout the day causes rejection of Christmas and a negative feeling. So now you know: decorate your Christmas house as soon as you can, but Wait a bit to get started on the Christmas hits of every year. It is the magic recipe for Christmas to enjoy it and be something happier.

Each family has its own personal way to decorate the house at Christmas. Some give more importance to the Christmas tree, others to distribute different decorations on the furniture and windows of the house. There is no single model to follow, but if you want some ideas to decorate and fill your home with light, follow these ideas:

  1. Christmas drawings everywhere
    Invite your children to a Christmas drawing session. With what comes out, decorate the doors, windows ... with the children's drawings. Children will love participating in the Christmas decorations.
  2. Ornaments made of paper
    Any paper with Christmas prints can be used to make this type of decoration. With gift wrap or napkins you can make stars, snowflakes, little trees, using the origami or origami technique.
  3. Portal of Bethlehem of different materials
    There is nothing more traditional and in the spirit of Christmas than a Bethlehem portal. You can make a plasticine nativity scene with the children, as well as paper, and then put it on top of a piece of furniture.
  4. Ornaments made of different materials
    Christmas is also a time to share moments with family and friends. We suggest you set up a Christmas crafts workshop with your children. You can use different recycled materials to make stars, Christmas balls and other decorations.
  5. Custom crowns and garlands
    You can fill the door of the house or its interior with colors with this type of Christmas decoration. You can use different materials to make them with the children. We give you ideas.

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