Children who do not want dinner due to fatigue

Children who do not want dinner due to fatigue

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Most young children, beginning with the routine of school, they suffer from extreme fatigue that we cannot explain. The truth is that, at school, the stimulation is maximum, and therefore the child is expending immense energy in maintaining his attention and processing everything that happens around him.

At the end of the day, when the child comes home again, after taking advantage of the last blows of summer and running around and climbing in the park, the little ones are exhausted and most parents have a hard time getting them to hold out until dinner time, especially if they have dinner after bathing. We explain how to help children who do not want to eat dinner because of fatigue.

For prevent the child from falling asleep on an empty stomach We can adopt various measures, which are most likely not permanent, but which will help us cope with the beginning of our little one's school stage.

1. Advance dinner time: It is more than likely that the child will gladly accept the idea of ​​going to bed earlier, but for this we must bring dinner time forward so that he does not leave with a full stomach and without starting digestion. In many cases this is not possible, especially if the parents have a long working day and they are trying to enjoy a family dinner, so it will be necessary to opt for other more viable options.

2. Modify the bath time: Postponing the bath until after dinner can help your child to be more alert during dinner and to relax just before bedtime.

3. Bathe every other day: If some days we have worse weather than others, it may be convenient to establish a bathroom schedule on those days when we are at home earlier, so as not to saturate the little one with activities.

4. Offer a succulent snack: A consistent snack, with farinaceous (bread, cereals ...), fruit and protein foods (meat, egg, sausage ...) can be a solution to fill their little stomachs and be well fed. Before going to bed you can offer yourself a glass of hot milk, which has the perfect qualities to promote a night's rest.

5. Eat two light meals, snack and dinner, separated only by a few hours: Normally, if the usual snack is offered, the child will not be hungry a couple of hours later for a succulent dinner, but if we divide what we would offer between the snack and dinner into two meals of similar caloric content, we can offer them more together unabashedly. A light dinner is easier and faster to eat even when the child is tired.

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