What is the best lighting for the children's room

What is the best lighting for the children's room

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Did you know that lighting directly influences the body's biological cycle? Children are especially sensitive to light, and this affects their rest and behavior.

Find out how lighting affects children's rest and behavior. We explain how the best lighting should be for the children's room, depending on whether you seek your rest or improve your child's school performance.

The light secretes melatonin in the body (a natural hormone that regulates sleep). But it is also that, depending on the type of light, the body reacts in one way or another. A cold light is not the same as a warm one. Neither a soft lighting than an excessive one.

- Yellow light: invites you to rest and relaxation.

- White and blue light: activates the body.

According to numerous studies, light influences the child's mood, their school performance, their rest ... In fact, our body responds with physical, mental and behavioral changes depending on the light or darkness of the environment that surrounds us, and that is why it is so important to install the most advisable type of lighting in according to which room of the house.

The temperature of the light (which is warmer or colder) it directly influences the child's behavior. In fact, the eye has 'photoreceptors' in the retina that are activated by light. The body interprets, depending on the temperature of the light, whether it should relax or activate.

In each of the spaces of our house, we seek a specific objective: while in the bedroom we want to achieve greater relaxation, we may seek more activity in the living room. This should be the correct lighting in your home:

1. Bedroom: To relax the body and mind of children before going to bed, it is advisable to install luminaires with warm light 3000K (yellow light). This color temperature in light is interpreted by the eye with the night and the moment of rest. With this, we get the body to start secreting melatonin, the hormone that ensures our rest. You can, for example, install a lamp on the bedside table with which your child can read a bedtime story and relax. This will help you to disconnect and relax (although the light, even if it is warm, should always be enough so as not to strain your child).

2. Study area: Find a light that allows the child to study and do homework without straining his eyes. Direct neutral white light (about 4,000K) is best, which is the closest light to sunlight. It should be a light that the child can use on a book or notebook from above, such as the typical 'gooseneck'. But in this case, it is important that there are no shadows on the paper. If, for example, you use a flexo, left-handed people will have to place the light on their right and right-handed people on their left so that their own hand does not create shadow when writing. The best light to read is natural light, so choosing a similar luminaire will be the most appropriate. Here it is important to regulate the amount of light, since the lack of light causes us to force our back and neck to get closer to the paper and also end up straining our eyes.

3. Play area: Here it will always depend on the objective you are pursuing. If you want your child to be activated when playing, you should bet on a whiter light, while if you prefer to keep a relaxed game, it should be warmer. Between 9 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon is the ideal time for games, since it is the time of maximum activity of the body.

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