Fish in the diet of pregnant women and children

Fish in the diet of pregnant women and children

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Fish is a healthy food that must be present in the diet of children and pregnant women for its high protein content and low amount of saturated fat.

Fish concentrates basic nutrients both for the growth and development of children and the evolution of the baby in the womb. In addition to protein, it has iron, calcium, omega 3, vitamins and zinc.

Fish must be a food present in the diet of the pregnant woman, and in addition to white fish is low in fat, omega 3 fatty acids help the formation of the baby's brain tissue. Since we cannot manufacture these fatty acids, we must ingest them with our diet.

In any case, some fish, due to the pollution of rivers and seas, contain substances that can be harmful in pregnancy such as mercury and dioxin. To avoid this, it is convenient:

- make sure that the fish is well cooked and preferably remove the skin

- avoid consuming species that feed on others such as shark or swordfish, as the mercury content may be higher

- follow proper hygiene when handling raw fish and wash hands and used cutlery well

What's more, raw fish should be avoided, smoked, salted or marinated as they may be contaminated with the anisakis parasite. It is therefore advisable to take the fish always cooked.

White fish is more recommended during pregnancy than blue fish as it has less fat and is more easily digested, in any case, blue fish should not be avoided in the diet as it is rich in omega 3 acids.

Although we adults know the benefits and importance of incorporating fish in the child's diet, it is not always easy since it is one of the foods along with vegetables and fruits that they most reject. However, eating is also learned and parents have to show a positive and firm attitude towards it. How?

- It is important to clean the fish well before serving it to the child so that no bones are found.

- the fish can be combine with other foods that you like more like pizzas.

- the sooner fish is incorporated into the child's diet and the more naturally the better. From the ninth month it can already be introduced into the baby's purees.

- sauces can be made to make its flavor more palatable to the child or even present it in a fun way with different forms.

- When the child can collaborate in the kitchen, it will help him to participate in the preparation of the recipe.

In any case, we must not forget that fish can cause allergies due to a reaction to the protein in the fish or to a parasite present in some fish called anisakis. For this reason, pediatricians recommend introducing it little by little into the child's purees to check their reaction.

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