When the child does not like a school subject

When the child does not like a school subject

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That a child of three or four years does not want to go to school can be quite common. But when the child does not want to go only on a specific day, it makes you suspicious.

It turns out that my son started saying he didn't want to go to school on Wednesdays. Only on Wednesdays. He didn't want to explain why. But last night, he couldn't sleep. He had nightmares and cried inconsolably in the morning.

But why didn't he want to go just that day? And I realized that it was the only day that I had a subject taught by a specific, disciplined, strong-willed teacher. My son was starting to hate his subject, because the teacher made him panic.

It can be English, mathematics, religion ... it can be any subject. If a child does not like to study something in particular, it can be for two reasons:

- Do not like the person who teaches the subject or how it is being taught.

- That they do not like the knowledge that this subject imparts.

In both cases, it is best to talk to the teacher who teaches the subject. Ask if the child is indifferent in class, if he is easily distracted, or if he is reluctant to participate. Try to find the reason for this rejection. It is good to explain to the teacher what the child is like, what works and what does not work with him. Then it will depend a lot on the attitude of the teacher: if he is receptive to the suggestions of the parents or if he closes in an energetic way before any comment.

In my case, the only response I got from the martial arts teacher was 'well change the subject'.

It can also be the case that the child loves the teacher but hates the subject. Who hasn't happened to math, physics, chemistry, or even gymnastics? There are subjects that require reasoning, greater effort, or certain skills. And there are children who develop certain abilities before others. For this reason, the most demanding children may feel 'frustrated' and reject that subject where they are not able to excel.

In this case, what we must do is try to enhance that knowledge in another way. You can learn something concrete in many different ways. If one doesn't work, why not try another route? For example, in the case of English, the child may not like to remain seated at his desk while listening to the same phrase over and over again, or having to go out in front of everyone to try to express himself more or less correctly.

But if you offer the same subject in a drama class, or through songs, the child will be more comfortable and will end up being attracted to the same subject that he previously rejected. The key is to attract the interest of the child. Create illusion. And, any new knowledge, well explained, does not have to be boring.

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