Crafts for children's First Communion

Crafts for children's First Communion

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There are parents who like to give a gift to friends and family in the First Communion of children. Thinking about it, has put together some souvenirs that you can make at home with the help of the children, and that will surely be even more valuable to the guests.

Here, you will find different and original crafts of First Communion, very easy and original. We explain how to make them at home, step by step, so that your child can give a memory of the heart, made with their own hands, of their communion to family and friends.

Here is a selection of ideas for making homemade gifts from First Communion in an easy and fun way with children. They are original, easy and very simple crafts to do with the smallest of the house.

Flower headband for First Communion. Headbands are a perfect complement to a party dress or a First Communion dress. On our site we are going to teach you how to make a headband with satin flowers easily and very quickly.

First Communion headband for girls. If your daughter is going to make her First Communion, on our site we help you save on the cost of the dress, how? You can make a beautiful headband for First Communion yourself at home easily and, above all, very cheap.

First Communion reminder bookmarks. In the First Communion of children you cannot miss those beautiful memories that children give to their friends and family. our site offers you some reminders, in the form of bookmarks, for children to color or paint as they want.

First Communion cookie in the shape of a cross. Cross-shaped cookie for First Communion. If your children are going to celebrate First Communion, we suggest you make a delicious homemade sweet to give to the guests or simply to taste as a family.

Dove-shaped cookies as a souvenir. How to make some original dove-shaped cookies as a souvenir of First Communion. If you want to have an original detail in your child's First Communion, you will love this recipe.

Paper gift basket for Communion. On our site we suggest you make the First Communion gifts for children at home. We teach you how to make a basket to place candies.

Eva rubber basket for First Communion. First Communion gift, step by step. On our site we teach you how to make a beautiful First Communion basket made with eva rubber. It is a homemade gift for the child to give to his guests.


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