How to save on the purchase of baby diapers

How to save on the purchase of baby diapers

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The arrival of a baby in the family represents a considerable increase in family spending. Therefore, it is necessary to know how we can save as much as possible, especially in what is basic for the care of our child, such as diapers.

Since you will need diapers practically from birth, it is advisable to have a good amount at home. We recommend that weeks before delivery you buy several packages for the first days.

Discounts on diapers for babies and children

As you may have seen in any large area where you have gone in search of diapers, there are many brands and types of diapers.

There are generally two main options: disposable diapers and cloth diapers.

The Disposable diapers They are the most used, almost 80% of parents use this type, since they are easy to use and the constant change of it avoids possible irritations in the baby's skin.

For their part, Cloth diapersAlthough they are more durable, they require you to make a larger investment at the beginning and have a great environmental impact because washing them requires a lot of energy and water.

If you opt for disposable diapers, we recommend the new diapersPRÉNATAL PEE & POO, that take care of your baby's skin, very comfortable to wear and super absorbent.

They are designed so that the child is always dry and with a constant feeling of freshness. Its soft fabric andbreathable cares for the most delicate areas of baby's skin and prevents irritations. The elastic bands they fit perfectly allowing the baby to move easily.

It does not matter if your child is newborn or is several months old, they have diapers for all ages: Newborn (2-5 kg), Mini (3-6 kg), Midi (4-9 kg), Maxi (8-18 kg) and Junior (12-25 kg).

The price of the single package is € 3.99 and the double package is € 7.99. But now they are in promotion launch.

If you buy the new diapers PEE & POO until 09/16/2018, PRÉNATAL will refund 100% of the first package in a voucher that you can use from 09/17 to 10/07 in childcare purchases (does not include clothes, toys, diapers and wipes). It cannot be combined with other bonuses or other promotions in progress.

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