The importance of the value of effort in sport for children

The importance of the value of effort in sport for children

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Sport is essential in the development and education of children. In addition to providing physical benefits and being an important factor in the socialization of children, sport has the ability to instill values ​​from a very early age, one of them is effort. Do you know the importance of the value of effort in sport for children?

The value of effort is defined as the will or desire to achieve an end that is pursued in the face of difficulties that are encountered. It is a personal value in sport that intrinsically affects the child. That is to say, this value is a kind of "code" that sport offers to the child, so it influences him to the point of forming him as a person and satisfying him.

By instilling the value of effort in sport in children, Other important values ​​are being transmitted to them in a transversal way for the formation of their personality. Among them we can find: discipline, collaboration, perseverance, control and strength.

The lack of willpower and effort on the part of youth in today's society, makes it more necessary than ever for adults to help children to generate that intrinsic energy that we talked about, which will be essential for them to be able to face the difficulties and challenges that arise in life.

Sport will be a great resource where adults (parents and coaches) will be able to "communicate" and make children see that effort and perseverance are essential to be able to achieve their desired goals.

To do this, adults must:

- Be an example. Adults should be an example both within the family and in the team in which the child is. When little effort is required, parents and coaches must “go” ahead. That is, if, for example, the coach asks the child to make an effort in training, the adult must have done it before preparing the session, leading the group, etc.

- Avoid overprotection. It will be a mistake to avoid their efforts and not demand a lot from the children because the adult is afraid that the little ones will not be able to overcome, for example, the complexity of training or the difficulty of a match. Children are capable of doing much more than we adults think. Let them be responsible for their actions.

- Focus on what is important. Effort is a very important value in the pursuit of happiness. Therefore, the will that children put to achieve the goals is what adults should focus on. For example, if the children have tried hard but have lost, the elders should put aside the result and focus on the effort and improvement the children have made to achieve the goal. Constancy in this effort will already bring positive results.

- Requirement well understood. In today's society, demands are confused with past authoritarianisms. This has led to a misunderstood permissiveness in the education of children, a letting go without defined limits that have led to poorly managed freedom. With this, children do not learn that you have to put in effort if you want to achieve things. They have learned to "give up" ahead of time. Therefore, it is essential that adults educate in freedom but within defined limits and norms.

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