The cool in the woods. Series of short stories for children

The cool in the woods. Series of short stories for children

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Do you know the tales of the cool? On our site we invite you to read another short story for children from the series of stories about the cool, some little elves who live in the country of Halacer and are capable of doing magical things, but above all, what they always try is be happy.

We invite you to read a new cool story, The cool in the woods, and then you can continue having fun with other of his adventures.

Today the cool in just a few seconds, has been transported from the world of Halacer to a beautiful forest on planet Earth.

The storks, in their nests, have been the first to welcome you, stretching their long necks and spreading their large wings from the top of the pines.

Little mice are running around the green meadow and, immediately, he has started jumping with them very happy.

Nearby, there is a lake with clean and transparent waters and he has entertained himself for a while reflecting on the surface making many faces. Afterwards, he has flown to the source of a waterfall and has jumped into the water standing up because, if there is something that a cool man does not like, it is to dive headfirst into the water, despite spending a lot of time in that position. Although you know that it is not a fish, it has had a great time swimming with the perch, trout and salmon.

After a while, it has come out of the water and is suspended in the air upside down, as you know it usually does to allow itself to be tickled by the breeze and the rays of the sun. Suddenly, being in this position, right in front of his nose, a clueless bat has appeared that, like him, has turned upside down and was looking at him curiously. The cool man, when he saw him, began to emit his characteristic screech while his nose became very red and to do many somersaults in the air so that he would fly with him.

On the shore of the lake the crabs, geese, ducks and herons are bathing and, again, together with the minks, beavers and turtles they have all played together. The cool guy's nose has started to swell a lot.

Throughout the afternoon, rabbits, shingles, lizards, hares, bears, wolves, a multitude of birds and a large family of blue butterflies, hearing so much noise, have approached and happily joined the game.

After running, jumping, flying, swimming and playing in the forest with them, he has said goodbye to all the animals promising to return.

And when night falls and the moon comes, the cool guy falls asleep as usual, suspended in the air upside down, his nose red and very happy.

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