Left-handed adults and children are smarter and more creative, according to science

Left-handed adults and children are smarter and more creative, according to science

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Left-handers have gone from being considered demonic people to being classified as more intelligent than right-handers, according to some scientific studies. Historically, at least a left-hander had his left-handedness corrected and, at most, he was branded a witch or an aberration.

However, today the tendency to left laterality is respected and even left-handed adults and children are seen as exceptionally gifted, smarter and more creative. Let's see why.

There are hundreds of studies on lefties. Universities around the planet have dedicated themselves to analyzing not only the reason for being left-handed, but also certain abilities that left-handed people seem to have. And the conclusions, similar in some points and found in others, seem to show that leftiesthey have certain abilities superior to right-handers.

Thinking of the left-handers I know and without being a scientist or researcher (not even close!), My own study on the left-handers I know or have known concludes that they have certain talents, the most notable being great artistic ability, good reasoning ability and a lot of creativity. And that's where my study ends without any basis, which becomes a personal experience.

What is certain is the number of left-handers who have gone down in history for their achievements: Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, Churchill, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Jimi Hendrix ... Surely the list of highly gifted right-handers is also immense So what makes left-handed people so special? Why does science consider left-handed adults and children more intelligent?

- Lefties are more precocious in mathAlthough the mathematical ability of left-handed children has supporters and detractors among scientists, there are those who claim that they have a greater ability to solve mathematical problems or perform puzzles.

- Left-handed children have great artistic talentThe right hemisphere of the brain commands the left side and affects creativity, imagination or the development of ideas.

- Excel in what is known as divergent thinking, which is the ability to create new ideas based on information that already exists.

- The connections between the left and right brain loop are made more quickly so they are usuallymore mentally agile.

- Left-handed adults and children seem to have a more developed right brain hemisphere, which is responsible for spatial reasoning and ability to turn objects mentally.

- The group of nerve cells that connects the two hemispheres of the brain known as the corpus callosum, tends to be larger than in the right-handed, this seems to be that it gives them asuperior ability to process information.

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