Benefits for children of adopting a cat

Benefits for children of adopting a cat

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You may be planning to foster a new pet, but are afraid that a cat could hurt your child.

They say that cats are treacherous and that you should not trust their behavior because at any moment they can scratch or bite you, but the truth is that it is not. Cats are so loving like a dog, even more, (although there are always cats and cats, the same as people), but they do not have the same submissive behavior of dogs. We tell you what the benefits for children of adopting a cat.

Unless you are looking for a specific breed of cat, the easiest and most supportive is adopt a cat, since there are many abandoned in shelters who are longing to have an owner.

Do not think that cats are treacherous and they will not be able to share the house with our children.

It is true that they need your independence, their space, and they have less patience than a dog, but there are many signs and signals that they emit to let you know that they are not comfortable with a situation or that you are bothering them and that they can fend.

At first you may not know how to interpret these signals and you will be surprised by their reactions, but the truth is that little by little you will learn to recognize each sound and gesture of your cat and to understand him perfectly.

The cats they never attack without warning, and if they surprise you jumping into a corner of the house it is because they are very playful. So the benefits are much more than the disadvantages.

What are the benefits of having a cat?

1- Health benefits: It is proven that people who have cats at home see their illnesses reduced, since their defenses and immune system are strengthened, which is the best antidote against contracting new ones. allergies in the future.

2- They prevent cardiovascular diseases, calm the nerves, release stress, and above all, combat the depression.

3- They help in the socialization treatments of children with autism.

4- Your gestures and thanks they will make you laugh constantly.

5- It makes children responsible, since they have to clean their litter box, feed them, take them to the vet ... and help them to mature.

6- Teach children to be better people, instills respect for animals, and encourages feelings towards the cat, trying to understand if it is sad, tired or happy.

7- They will have a New companion of games.

8- It teaches them to be more supportive if we take it from a shelter and welcome it at home.

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