Don Leandro's hairdresser. Funny story for children about animals and their haircuts

Don Leandro's hairdresser. Funny story for children about animals and their haircuts

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We all have dreams to fulfill, even animals. The dream of Leandro Leoncio was to open a hairdresser where you can comb and make all the animals of the savannah beautiful, do you think you will achieve it?

This is a beautiful and funny children's story where we can teach the child that dreams can be fulfilled if one wants it a lot and strives to achieve it. work and enthusiasm always have their reward.

Find out how this ends funny story for children about animals and fulfilling dreams what we have.

Don Leandro Leoncio was going to make your dream come true. Tomorrow he would open the doors of his hairdresser ‘Leandro Hair Salon’. And, what he liked most in the world was brushing his long hair. Therefore, since childhood he had always known that he wanted to be hairdresser. And after having studied a lot and practiced with his family's frizzy manes, Don Leandro was ready to take the big leap and open his own hairdresser.

As he was very conceited, the night before Don Leandro Leoncio had put on the curlers, since he wanted to show off some beautiful curls, and he had dyed his abundant hair in different colors to serve as a sample book for his clients. He had also hired Don Phillip Pingüino to receive the animals with elegance, as he had promised to come with his elegant fur tailcoat; and Madame Margot Mona, who specialized in modern haircuts after having studied at the New York Zoo.

The big day had come. With balloons and fresh fruit drinks, customers were welcomed. The first to arrive was Don Patricio Papagayo, who wanted to put glitter and glitter on his colorful plumage. The result was spectacular and highly applauded by their neighbors. Doña Ariadna Araña wanted a crest on top of her little head and it was Madame Margot Mona who made it for her. He even gave it a touch of orange at the ends to make it more attractive. To soften Don Emilio Elefante's short hair, it took many hands and a lot of soap. And in the end Don Leandro Leoncio did a great job leaving his skin so shiny that it looked like a mirror.

They were all very happy that they finally had a hairdresser like people's, because animals also like to be handsome and elegant. ‘Leandro Hair Salon’ was a great success, so much so that he even ended up opening a small school to teach the art of hairdressing to the little ones and Don Leandro Leoncio discovered that with a lot of work at the end all dreams are achieved.

If you want to know if your child has understood the text of this story, be sure to ask these simple reading comprehension questions.

- What was Leandro Leoncio's dream?

- Who was the receptionist at the hairdresser?

- Who made the most modern hairstyles?

- Did Leandro fulfill his dream?

- What dream do you have that you would like to fulfill?

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