Santa Serena Day, August 16. Names for girls

Santa Serena Day, August 16. Names for girls

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Serena is a name for a girl of Latin origin that means 'tranquility' or 'calm'. It is thus one of the most beautiful names for its musicality and meaning that can be perfect for your girl. That it is not one of the most frequent names can favor the popularity that Serena has acquired in recent years, since it maintains all the freshness and is very original without being eccentric. He celebrates his name day on August 16, which is the day of Santa Serena.

From the meaning of her name, Serena has a charismatic and charming personality that few can resist. Serena stands out for her friendliness and spirit of service, and her friendly and calm character make her the ideal company. In addition, Serena has a great will and a capacity for effort that leads her to achieve success in any project.

The name Serena is known throughout the world thanks to the Latin tradition, although it has not been a frequent name at any time or time. However, in recent years there has been a growing preference for this name that evokes peace, tranquility and calm, so necessary to maintain a family.

The force that has promoted the name Serena worldwide in the figure of the American tennis player Serena Williams, a true champion, but also a media woman who has contributed like no one else to make known the name of your daughter.

But Serena is also the name of a place, meeting places throughout the American continent. In addition, we meet several important women who are named after your daughter, such as the Argentine sailor Serena Amato, the Italian opera singer Serena Malfi or the Italian actresses Serena Gandi or Serena Vergano.

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