Eating without a shirt: trick for babies to learn to eat on their own

Eating without a shirt: trick for babies to learn to eat on their own

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This has been the funniest shirtless summer of my son's life. Getting my baby to learn to eat alone has become one of the most rewarding experiences.

The rise in temperatures favors that we go lightly dressed and that gave me the idea of ​​putting eat without a shirt so he could try different foods and taking them to your mouth with your hand, without taking into account the problem of food stains on clothes that, apart from work, are difficult because they are very difficult to clean.

My baby has been handling his food without restrictions and the noon hour has been a party, a festival of new and different flavors and textures. I love watching my baby have fun with his hands, tasting new foods, trying new flavors, crushing the softest with his gums and nibbling the hardest with his four teeth.

We both enjoyed getting soaked in watermelon and squeezing the juice from the natural tomato, freely, which flowed onto his chest and which I cleaned easily using a sponge and a dry cloth. When I noticed that he was already using his hands skillfully and that he was putting the food in his mouth without any problem, getting it right the first time, I started testing with the spoon.

The instrument in question, I have to admit, that at first, he did not like it, but He soon began to see him as a toy and, of course, he loved to imitate me. So, after eating various dishes of assorted foods with him, including mashed potatoes, I can now say that using the spoon is great for him.

And is that learning to eat alone is a sequence, a chain of steps, which must be followed one by one without skipping any of them and without waiting too long between one and the other, since it may happen that if we wait too long between the use of the hands and the use of the cutlery it is too difficult for the child to adapt again.

The acquisition of behavioral habits and new skills is always best learned through play, good humor and in a climate of relaxation and freedom that make each activity something palatable. These good memories are engraved in the child's mind and will help their learning to be full of motivation in the future.

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