What you don't know about fans in the children's room

What you don't know about fans in the children's room

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In the months in which the thermometer rises to 30ยบ we sleep worse, we are more tired, it is difficult to work ... Who can and wants, fights the heat with a good air conditioning at home and, those who cannot afford the expense or the installation, they have the solution of the traditional fan.

Of course, if you have children it is important that you know the dangers of fans and children in summer. This is what you don't know about fans in children's rooms.

There are many and diverse types of fans, blades, ceiling, floor, table, tower ... They are modest electronic devices and very common in many homes. They do not need more installation than plugging it into the network. It is a cheaper way to cool down than air conditioning in summer, however, like any other electronic device it can be dangerous for a child in these cases:

1- Bring your hand or fingers close to the fan: I don't know your children, but mine, every time a fan is turned on they flock to honey like flies. The phrase is immediate and blunt: "watch out for your fingers!" And the fact is that, although many fans tend to have grids or maya, to avoid the curiosity of children, I have seen how they are able to manage to put their little fingers between them. If a fast spinning blade hits a child's finger or hand, it can range from losing some of the skin to severe cuts on the fingers.

2- Allergy: if your child suffers from allergy to dust, it is not the best for him. The fans act by removing everything that is around, including the pollen that may have entered the house and, of course, the dust that the blades themselves have (especially in ceiling fans).

3- Be careful if you have bunk beds: If your children sleep in bunk beds, perhaps a ceiling fan is not the most suitable, the blades are very within reach. Even if they sleep in bed, they are able to jump from it to see if they touch the blades. Never underestimate a child's curiosity.

4- What if they try to put objects ?: Can you imagine it? The child comes with a pencil, an eraser, a paper or any other object to see what happens when you bring him closer to the fan. A pencil inserted through the grill that meets the fan blades is guaranteed drama. Not only does the ejected pencil break and chips can get into the eyes, but even the device itself, if it is a small tabletop one, can tip over and cause damage.

5- Beware of long hair: especially with the tiny hand fans that any child can handle. It is not so uncommon that when playing or getting too close, the hair gets tangled in such a way that, not only does it suffer the pull, but also the cut of the lock to release it.

- According to the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, babies are 72% less likely to die from sudden death syndrome if they sleep with a fan in the room, compared to those who don't. Why? The air in the room circulates freely and the carbon dioxide we exhale is less likely to accumulate.

- You can leave them on at night at a low level to guarantee the rest of your children, since children also suffer the rigors of heat in summer and their sleep can be interrupted.

- It does not cause large changes in temperature, as it can happen with air conditioning, so we prevent the child from staying cold.

... you should consider these tips:

- Place a fan that can oscillate freely but do not aim directly at the child or baby when sleeping. It will also prevent that, if the baby sweats and then receives the cold from the fan, it can stay cold.

- If you have a table fan, place it far enough away so that your child cannot reach it if they get up at night.

- It is preferable, in a house with children, to have ceiling fans as you can avoid upset.

- Keep the air at a low speed so that the noise is not too intenseThis will keep what is known as white noise (a monotonous sound that encourages rest) but it will not be loud enough to wake your child up.

- If you turn it on with the house at 30 degrees or more it will not be effective and you will be wasting energy without sense.

- Don't turn the fan into a home gameIf you make silly noises in front of the air coming out or play with your hair in front of it, your child may imitate you with less awareness of the danger and may put his safety at risk.

- Avoid hanging streamers or other items on ceiling fans, they could strangle the child.

- Clean dust and dirt blades frequently to prevent further dust movement.

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