The fabulous strategy against bullying of a teacher

The fabulous strategy against bullying of a teacher

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Bullying is installed in the classrooms subtle and silent. Often invisible to many eyes. To stop it, there is no other solution: prevent it from being installed among the students. But how?

A teacher has found an effective method that prevents bullying and helps teachers detect it early. We explain what it consists of.

Every Friday, the (American) teacher hands out a blank sheet to her students. This is not a pop quiz. They only have to answer two very simple questions:

1. What four children do you want to sit with next week?

2. Who is the best behaved this week?

Children respond, even knowing they won't be sitting with their best friends. The teacher does not seek to rearrange the tables. He just wants to know who is left out. What name never appears on those sheets. Who has no friends.

As soon as the students leave, the teacher stands in front of the blackboard and analyzes the results. A scheme that makes it very clear the organization chart of relationships between your students, as if it were an X-ray of the class:

- Who leads the groups, who do they admire the most.

- Who, without being leaders, are very popular.

- Who, even without being very popular, have support.

- Those who stay apart. These, precisely these, are the easiest targets for bullying.

The teacher identifies 'lonely' children. They are the children who have the most problems relating to others. What do you do then?

This teacher is clear: if relationships are balanced and all children get support ... if all children feel integrated, it will be much more difficult for a bully to find a victim, because the harassed person will have friends to defend him. What can teachers do to avoid marginalized children?

- Organize assemblies in class every week. They serve, among other things, to expose the public the problems that arose in class and outside the classrooms and seek among all solutions.

- Empathize more with the students. Know them more in depth. Who are they really? What are your dreams? Who are your friends? Are you really comfortable in class? What problems have you got?

- Promote coexistence activities. There are activities designed for students to get to know each other better, value and respect each other.

- Teach children with fewer friends strategies to join the group and show your gifts to others.

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