Are your child's friends good?

Are your child's friends good?

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There is a quote from Saint Teresa that says: 'All the good of a soul is in the companies'. We all know that we are social beings and as we interact with others, we are exposed to its influence, for both good and bad, so it is very important for us to know that our children have friends who help them grow as people and develop their personality.

The question that many parents ask themselves and that we ask you is the following: Are your child's friendships good?

Your child's relationship with other children is always positive, the child needs how to eat, relate to his peers, those who are in the same situation and environment. School is the perfect environment for your child to grow in sociability: he learns from group games and activities and teamwork, as well as to express feelings, to defend his own and to face his little problems. Without a doubt, no one can live in a bubble, we all need others to grow.

But, arriving at certain ages when they already show a certain independence and criteria, parents are very interested in the friendships that our children choose. My neighbor, the first time she let her son go out alone to go for a walk with a friend, discreetly chased after him, as well as to see that nothing was wrong with them, to find out how her son's friend was or acted. Maybe this is exaggerated, but Yes, it is good to know the friendships of our children, know his friends personally and see how they are and if they have an acceptable or good behavior, within which each child can have a more or less restless personality.

You've heard about 'Tell me who you're with and I'll tell you who you are', because that's how it ends up being, we can get to know our son a little more, knowing his friends. In any case, when they are small it is always easier to move them in one direction or another. I want to think that the first years of family life leave an indelible mark. Social relationships initiated within the family will limit the possible bad influence of other social groups.

The time will come when they choose their friends and we cannot be their guardians, but it would be nice if in previous stages we have helped them to choose good friends or predispose them to a specific model of friend. But if we give up making recommendations to our children, others will do it for us, and then it may be much more difficult to correct them.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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