Mom and Dad jokes for kids

Mom and Dad jokes for kids

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Laughing is great! The best remedy to cheer up, and that does not present contraindications. And if laughter is good, nothing better than sharing it with others. How? Well ... what do you think if we start by telling some jokes? Jokes stimulate good humor of children, they encourage laughter, develop their vocabulary, and amuse you. They provoke good and big smiles in your children.

Normally when children enter the Primary course, from 6 years of age, they usually learn some jokes through books and exchanges with their classmates. Don't waste any more time and tell your child a joke! You are sure to laugh a lot! We propose you these mom and dad jokes for children. And laugh!

In Guiainfantil we have selected some jokes dedicated to dads and moms. With them, you will have a great time as a family. Encourage your child's sense of humor with all these parenting jokes:

- Dad, dad, the teacher asked a question and I was the only one who raised his hand.

- And what did he ask?

- Who did not do his homework?

- Mom! Mom! At school they tell me: "powdered soap"

- Don't worry, Ariel.

- Mom, Mom! At school they call me Shampoo

- Ay ya Johnson, no more tears

A child says to his mother:

And her mother answers:

- Well repeat, son.

And the son says:

- Mom, Mom, how delicious is the paella.

The boy says to his mother:

- Mom, mom at school they call me duck!

- Qua-qua-qua-anyone notices, son

A boy says to his mother:

- Mom, Mom, I was bitten by a snake. And his mom asks him:

- Cobra?

- Not free

The child says to the father:

- Dad, how old is the cat? And the father said:

- 2 years. And the child asks:

- And how many do I have? And the father said:

- 5 years And the child says:

And why does the cat have whiskers and I don't?

The child says to the mother:

Mother! mom !!!!!!!! mommy !!!!

The woman was in the bathroom and her husband tells her:

-What are you doing honey? and the woman replies:

- Pouring cream on me. To this the husband says:

- And why are you closing your eyes? The woman responds:

- Because the boat says 'nivea'.

- Mom, Mom, at school they call me onion. And his mother tells him:

- Go away, you're going to make me cry.

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