The lonely worm. Poem for children with few friends

The lonely worm. Poem for children with few friends

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If your child finds it difficult to relate to others or does not like playing with other children very much, you can read this poem for lonely children or with few friends: The lonely worm.

We can explain through this nursery rhyme to the child that friends are very important, but even so, there are times when we like to be alone, pick ourselves up, hide or live alone and that, as long as it is not something forced or extreme , it is respectable and there is nothing wrong with it. Loneliness, if chosen, is not bad.

A worm has his house

a thousand meters underground,

there he sleeps when he wants

and in its hole it is enclosed.

It's a round worm

with a sharp tail,

has very few neighbors

but he doesn't care either.

He likes solitude

and the noise bothers him,

that's why under the ground

he has very few friends.

Has your child understood this nursery rhyme? We can help you by asking these reading comprehension questions:

  • Who is the protagonist of the story?
  • Do you like solitude or being with friends?
  • Do you like more to be alone or with friends?
  • What do you think can be good when you are alone?

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