It smells like fart here. Funny children's story about flatulence

It smells like fart here. Funny children's story about flatulence

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Children are very amused by everything related to the eschatological: farts, poops, burps, and snot they are his favorite subjects, especially during a stage of his growth.

This is a funny story about a very fine ant that never wanted to fart, what do you think would happen if we never farted? Find out with this funny children's story about flatulence.

Tina was a ant very flirtatious and conceited. He was always polishing his round black belly. He liked to soak his little legs in puddles of water so that they would sparkle in the sun. And, to feel the most beautiful, she rubbed herself with field flowers to always be well scented. She was so refined and elegant that she would move her nose when they saw a dirty and muddy friend or smelled an unpleasant smell.

However, always being perfect could also cause problems. Since he never liked to smell bad he had farted. He even dared to criticize and scold the rest of the ants who did throw them at him. Sometimes her gut ached a little from it and she couldn't play with the rest of her friends. However, the annoyances always passed quickly.

But the day came when the stomach pains would not go away. Her friends encouraged her to fart to make herself feel better, but she, being very stubborn, refused. Little by little it was swelling. It swelled so much that now more than a small ant it looked like a huge balloon. He even had to tie a rope to his leg and drag a stone to avoid flying off.

Tina was changing color. And it was when it became very red, when it finally exploded. The fart that was thrown was so big that even the ground moved. At first the rest of the ants in the community were paralyzed and scared, but after a while they began to laugh so much that many ended up with hiccups. The plague lasted several days, but nobody cared because they saw that Tina was gone swollen And besides, her stomach no longer hurt.

Tina spent a lot shame at first, but found that it was more important to smell sometimes a little bad than to have a stomach ache. And it is that, you already know: "the fart better outside than inside."

If you want to find out if your child has understood the text, ask them these reading comprehension questions.

  • Why didn't Tina want to fart?
  • What happened to Tina for not wanting to fart?
  • Do you think her friends cared that Tina farted?
  • Are you embarrassed when you fart?
  • Do you think farting is important? why?

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