Uncle Braulio and his little follies. Story so that children can pursue their dreams.

Uncle Braulio and his little follies. Story so that children can pursue their dreams.

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When one is a child no limits should be placed on dreams, no matter how crazy and crazy these are, because you never know if they will ever be achieved. We must let the child imagine and project his wishes and desires, although for us they are a real madness, because really the time to dream It is now and children have all the potential to make their dreams come true if they set their mind to it.

This is the story of a girl who wanted to meet her uncle because he had fulfilled his dream, even though others did not understand him.

Uncle Braulio and his little follies is a story so that children can pursue their dreams.

Bella still didn't know the Uncle Braulio. And his family didn't like talking about him very much. He had rarely heard the grown-ups talk about their uncle in whispers and always with a serious expression. The grandmother said that he lived among the clouds and with the head full of birds. He had heard his dad Bella say that he was an explorer always lost in a thousand adventures and an inventor who built junk that was useless. And to his mother, that Uncle Braulio was a madman with his eyes always on books.

However, Bella wanted to meet him. He imagined a fascinating being capable of dominating fire, water, air and earth. On her sixth birthday Bella received a letter from Uncle Braulio, explaining that she was taming lions and teaching elephants to swim. And most importantly, he announced that for her seventh birthday Bella would receive a very special gift that she would work on all year.

The day had come. Bella was seven years old. He ran downstairs to discover his gift. And there it was, on the table in the living room. It was a small box, wrapped in brown paper. Opening it, he discovered a pink ballerina slippers. She was disappointed, as she already had ballet slippers. But his surprise was greater when he put them on.

And, it was then, when tying the laces of the sneakers, when Bella saw herself in a color tunnel to land next to his uncle Braulio. He had not been disappointed. He was dressed in richly colored silks and wore a huge hat with feathers and shells. Uncle Braulio had designed an invention so that Bella, when she finished her classes, could travel with him and have many adventures together. Thanks to the magic slippers, Bella traveled the world with her uncle to discover all the wonders of nature.

If you want to know if your child has understood the text, here you will find some simple reading comprehension questions.

  • Why do you think Bella's family didn't talk about Uncle Braulio?
  • Do you think they were right to tell their daughter anything?
  • Why did Bella want to meet her uncle?
  • What gift did your uncle give you for your 7th birthday?
  • What is your dream?

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