10 lovely spiritual names for girls

10 lovely spiritual names for girls

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Regardless of the religion we profess, Spirituality always accompanies us. Being spiritual means respecting everything and everyone, nature, the people around us ..., but first of all, it is respecting ourselves. And, without a doubt, it is a good example that we can give our children, since, as parents, we always think in which world we are going to leave our children, but it is also very important think what children we will leave to the world. Even when we are gone and our little ones are, the world will know about us from the people they are.

If you would like to give a spiritual name for your baby, here we propose 10 lovely spiritual names for girls

Many future moms and dads want to take spirituality in their lives one step further and choose a name for their baby with that kind of meaning. Some are from Greek origin, other Latin or Hebrew and their meanings greatly influence when choosing them. And it is a trend to choose names that inspire peace, calm and sweetness.

Here the names of sanskrit origin They deserve a special mention, since being a classical language of India, it is used as a liturgical language in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. It literally means 'perfectly done' and almost all the names of Sanskrit origin are related to the premises of these religions: knowledge, domain, understanding, light, peace ...

We leave you a list with some spiritual names for girl:

- Soul: derives from the Latin 'almus' and means'that gives life',' the one with a good heart 'or' spirituality '. This name is closely related to balance. In Spain Alma began to be popular in the Seventies, however, its recovery as a name dates back to the well-known Battle of Alma that took place on September 20, 1854 (in Crimea, today Ukraine). From that event, it began to spread throughout much of Europe.

- Aura: of Latin origin, attested in the Roman imperial era and whose meaning is'soft wind',' breeze ',' puff '. This name is related to the effluvium, to the softness and to the feeling of a pleasant touch, which together is taken as a 'pleasant air or breath'. You can also refer to spiritual halo that surrounds each person and, in this case, refers to a pure aura that glows.

- Darling: its origin is Latin, 'caelestis' (from heaven, celestial), whose meaning is'abode of god'. Blue is the color that represents the celestial vault, a color that evokes tranquility, peace. A nice name for a girl who comes home 'like a fall from heaven'. Maybe you like some of its derivatives more: Celia or Celina.

- Deví: of Sanskrit origin and means'Goddess',' Divine 'or' gift '. Deví is synonymous with Shakti, the feminine aspect of divinity, she is essentially the heart of all Hindu goddesses. The three main Devís are considered to be Lakshmi (wealth), Párvati (love and spirituality) and Sáraswati (culture and arts).

- Fairy: has its origins in the Latin voice 'fatum', whose meaning is'fate, destiny'. This name is closely linked to the ethereal and fantastic figures of Greek and Roman mythologies. These, always female, are attributed the magical influence on the destinies of living beings.

- Hope: name that comes from the English voice 'hope', which in turn has its roots in medieval English 'hopian', which means'hope'. It is a very popular name in the Christian religion, due to Santa Esperanza, sister of Santa Fe and Santa Caridad. Its Sanskrit version is Carma.

- Joy: name derived from an Old English surname, Judoc, meaning 'God'. It is also associated with the English words 'joy' and 'rejoicing'. There are even those who place its origin in the French Norman 'joie'. Joy became popular in the late 19th century.

- Destiny: comes from the English voice ('fate') and originally from the Latin 'destier'. Refers 'to the target',' to fate '. It is a name with a lot of mystical meaning, which calls for fortune, for luck. Its male variants are: Destin, Destan and Deston.

- Samara: is a beautiful name of Arabic origin that dates back to biblical times and which means'God's protégé'. It is a variant of Samira, recently imported and spread in Spain, which refers to the city that bears his name, Samaria. Among its diminutives, Samy or Sama stands out.

- Vinanti: name of Indian origin, although linked to the Arabic language, which means'prayer',' request 'or' request '. It is not yet very popular in Spain.

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