Computer games to treat hyperactivity in children

Computer games to treat hyperactivity in children

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ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a more frequent disorder every day since between 5% and 10% of those under 18 years of age suffer from it. Once the child has been diagnosed as hyperactive, the usual treatment is with medication, although increasingly common use of therapies that have scientifically and clinically proven their validity for these types of disorders.

Recently, some studies have revealed that, in children with ADHD, brain waves are different than in children without ADHD. Most children with ADHD have Beta waves (those that are activated when we are paying attention) lower than usual, and Theta waves (active in moments of reverie) very high. What if the brain could be trained to change these patterns? Discover the power of computer games to treat hyperactivity in children.

Researchers have worked on a tool called neurofeedback for the treatment of hyperactivity in children. You may wonder ... what is that neurofeedback? It is a new technology that studies brain activity and the way in which neurons emit different nerve impulses depending on what the person is doing.

Researchers, based on this technology, have developed some systems to collect data on children with ADHD and to be able to enhance their attention span and concentration. It is about Computer games They work in the following way: the child is seated in front of a computer and a bracelet is placed on him that collects his neuronal activity.

This bracelet records the attention that the child is showing in the game and manage to activate the different elements of the game and move the characters on the screen only with your mind. In real time, the child's attention can be seen through an attractive and intuitive current, fun and colorful video game software that encourages learning, motivation and self-control.

These games get the child's brain waves to transform, for example, into a dolphin in the sea, so that when the Beta waves are higher than Theta the dolphin goes down to the ocean floor and when the opposite happens the dolphin goes up towards the sea. surface. That way, you know when the child is attentive and when not, and he himself makes an effort to maintain attention.

This program has already been successfully applied in children. In just a few sessions, they get children to show real changes in both attention and behavior. These new systems are supported by a therapist or coach who accompanies the child and the parents during the process.

This, together with the fact that the child has fun playing, makes it constant and motivated throughout the process. The use of the program is combined with a monitoring of behaviors at home and techniques for its modification, obtaining objective and very positive results in the short term.

Pablo Muñoz Gacto
Director of Nascia and Playattention

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