Empathy in children. Educate in values

Empathy in children. Educate in values

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The child psychologist Alicia Banderas teaches parents through his book 'Happy Children' how to educate children in the value of empathy and perseverance so that in the future they will be able to work as a team and face problems with determination.

In We spoke with Alicia Banderas about how essential it is for the life and future of children's professional dreams to educate them in certain values ​​such as empathy.

We are in a world where teamwork prevails. Nowadays having a brilliant career does not assure you anything. Success in your career and in life in general depends on managing your emotions, on how you work with people.

Empathy is educated, and a clear example of this is when a child does something bad or causes harm to someone, at that moment parents can ask three questions thus avoiding letting the problem go by:

1. How do you think the friend you have harmed has felt?

2. How would you feel if he had done it to you.

3. What can you do to fix it?

With these three simple questions you can educate the child in empathy and sociabilityIn the same way that for the will and the determination it is necessary to educate him in the perseverance. Normally, when children are studying a math problem, for example, they quickly get frustrated when they can't get the solution.

Anxiety can and it causes them to leave the exercise unsolved, so it is necessary to teach children that this anxiety is overcome by reading the statement carefully, breathing deeply for a few seconds and when they see that they can face the problem again they will do it successfully.

If parents get their children to understand the importance of being persistent, when life puts them in trouble they will know that they will have a bit of a hard time at first but that with perseverance they will succeed.

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