My baby's feet smell

My baby's feet smell

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Have you heard the expression: you are uglier than a foot? You certainly cannot refer to those little and precious feet chubby fingers that babies have: 'two feet that fit in a single kiss', as the poet Miguel Hernández used to say. Keeping the feet of babies and children beautiful and healthy is part of their care, since they are and will be their sustenance for many years.

From the moment the baby stands up, the foot hygiene and the choice of footwear are important to avoid possible pathologies in the future: fungus, smell, deformations, hardness, wounds ...

I tell you what are the possible Causes that to baby's feet smell.

During childhood, the child's foot develops and, sometimes, grows very quickly, so we must take care of this stage of its development with care. Progressively clean and teach our children the maintenance and hygiene of their feet, and pay attention to the materials of socks and shoes.

For my mother it was an immovable tradition to buy the first shoes for her grandchildren, she had very delicate feet and knew very well the importance of choosing good shoes. Footwear, besides being aesthetically beautiful, must be functional, promote the development of the child and preserve the health of the feet so that our little one can take his first steps. Children's shoes must be made of leather, with a flexible, breathable, comfortable sole, with good support and low weight.

To our little ones (and much more to the older ones) they can sweat feet so we must promote good habits in the care of the feet. That the baby's feet smell may have Causes various: poor hygiene, fungi, bacteria or inappropriate footwear. Among the basic care, we recommend a good cleaning with soap and water, accompanied by a perfect drying between the fingers, a pedicure of the toenails when needed, keeping them short and straight, but without rushing too much.

It is important that the foot is kept dry as much as possible, therefore, for children who have a lot of sweat on their feet we can change their socks several times a dayThese must be made of cotton that absorb sweat better than synthetic materials and shoes that breathe properly.

It is also good that children, from time to time, can walk barefoot or with socks on warm surfaces or on the beach sand or grass. And for those in whom the sweat is very persistent, you can apply a jet of vinegar or tea infusion with fresh water before going to bed. There are also salts and other pharmaceutical remedies to avoid excessive perspiration.

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