Legends of the world for kids

Legends of the world for kids

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The leyends they are stories that are passed from generation to generation and are part of a culture. There are legends all over the planet. Most of them are related to Nature and the values ​​that are transmitted from parents to children.

Legends are great learning tools for children. Use them to spark their curiosity and spark their imagination and creativity. has selected a series of fabulous legends to read to children. All of them speak of values ​​or try to answer the whys of Nature. Don't miss out on these fantastic legends that come from every continent and culture on the planet.

African legends. We collect very old legends that come from Africa for children. They are stories in the form of a legend with values ​​that have passed from generation to generation. These are the best African tales and African legends for children. Do not hesitate to read them with your children.

Latin American legends for children. We offer you a selection of Latin American legends for children. They are beautiful stories and legends from the different countries of Latin America. All of them have been passed from generation to generation and are used to talk with children about some essential values, or to discover fascinating very old stories.

Legends of Greek mythology. Selection of legends from Greek mythology adapted for children. our site offers us stories with values, with fantastic characters and legends about Nature. All of them adapted for children.

Legends with fantastic characters. Tales adapted for children from Greek mythology. Greek mythology offers us fascinating stories, starring fantastic characters that awaken and stimulate the imagination of children. our site has selected short stories and legends for children.

Japanese legend. The blue butterfly. Eastern legend to explain to children that they are responsible for their actions. Decisions and actions have a consequence. Anyone is responsable from his acts.

Eastern legend. The red thread. The red thread is a very ancient oriental legend that tells of an old man who unites two people with an invisible red thread to humans. They are the so-called 'soul mates'.

Irish legend. The rainbow goblin. An Irish legend about the story of the rainbow treasure for children. European short legend about elves for children. The legend of the goblin who guards a treasure at the end of the rainbow. Is it true that at the end of every rainbow there is a treasure? This short story, of Irish origin, clarifies if that is true.

Legends of Mexico. Mexican legends for children that mix the pre-Hispanic tradition, the religious one, and urban stories from ancient and current Mexico. A set of ideal stories to teach the little ones more about Mexican culture and its roots. In addition, each of these legends also encourages children to reflect on the most essential values.

Hindu legend. The color of the birds. Legend from India that tries to explain why the colors of birds. Beautiful legend for children related to Nature.

Legend of India. The truth of the elephant. The truth of the elephant is a legend originating from India that deals with the complex definition of truth. Explanation of what the truth is through a Hindu legend.

Legend of the tooth fairy. In Anglo-Saxon countries and in Germany, the Tooth Fairy is not the one in charge of collecting children's milk teeth and leaving a gift in their place, this work full of magic is carried out by a little fairy: the tooth fairy, this it's his story.

European legend. The magic mill. Legend that explains to children why the sea is salty. Children's story based on a European legend. Legend about a magic mill and some pirates.

The real Cinderella. Oriental legend for children, originally from China. It is thought that it may be the true story of Cinderella. A legend that transmits values ​​to children.

Christmas legends. We offer you a selection of traditional Christmas stories from different countries. Christmas stories based on legends from different countries. Traditional Christmas stories for children and from different places. Christmas tales from France, Mexico, Bhutan ...

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