The green toad. Poetry by Carmen Gil for children

The green toad. Poetry by Carmen Gil for children

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The nursery rhyme by Carmen Gil It is aimed at teaching and educating the little ones through reading. With their poems, children learn to memorize and recite aloud while entertaining themselves.

The poetry of The green toad tells us about the adventures of a nice toad. In We encourage you to read it with your children and thus share a pleasant reading time as a family.

That green toad

it hides and gets lost;

don't kiss him like that

no princess.

Because with a kiss

he will become a prince

or handsome prince;

And he wants to be a toad!

He does not want reign,

nor golden throne,

nor huge castle,

nor yellow cloak.

No lackeys

not three thousand vassals.

Wants to see the moon

from the lagoon.

One morning

some fairy loved it;

and so it has remained:

toad and delighted.

Enjoy it all:

gets in the mud

skipping, alone,

the entire protocol.

And he doesn't give a damn

if it's not pretty

hunt an insect;

That nobody is perfect!

Its regal canopy?

You don't remember him.

His red sheet?

He prefers a leaf.

His helmet and shield?

He likes to go naked.

Princess Eliana?

He loves a frog.

To a green frog

that jumps and gets lost

and look at the moon

from the lagoon.

Author: Carmen Gil

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