The tricks of the children

The tricks of the children

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It takes just a minute of distraction for children to do mischief or mischief at home. How many times when parents are somewhat distracted or absorbed in our tasks, our little one takes the opportunity to do his own thing!

If our child frees himself for a few minutes from our gaze and feels free to roam around the house at ease, start trembling! Because surely, in an investigative attack, he is speculating a thousand and one mistakes to make. Some of the children's shenanigans are very funny and some are dangerous.

Just yesterday, while hanging the clothes, there was a suspicious silence at home, my two-year-old son, in a flirtatious impulse, got on a stool to grab his children's cologne and emptied the can on his clothes, but he was not satisfied with it He went to Mom and Dad's room to get Mom's facial cream, the most expensive!

Ended with my precious caviar cream rubbing it all over her face and hair. I could not contain the laugh, it seemed that he had put his face in a cream cake. The result of his mischief: an irritated eye and a smooth and hydrated complexion.

Our little ones are wonderful and restless beings who need a hundred eyes or a few legions of guardian angels. Childhood is a dangerous age, the lack of control over their own body, the lack of experience and prudence, together with their natural search for autonomy, form a dangerous explosive cocktail. we must bear in mind the basic safety measures at home, especially when they have still become aware of many of the dangers that lthe tricks of the children.

Everyday and normal objects for us, can pose a risk to our children that we do not even suspect, young children seem to be magnificent and ingenious 'engineers', who can build weapons to self-harm with astonishing ease, at least until they learn to be more prudent.

Surely you also keep in your memory the some more notorious tricks of your little ones. There will surely be feats that are difficult to overcome and impossible to suspect. Let us have foresight when it comes to avoiding accidents, while offering 'probation' to control their petty misdeeds.

Patro Gabaldon

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