Modern names for girls

Modern names for girls

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When choosing the baby's name, parents are lost among the thousand possibilities. There are those who prefer a traditional and classic name, and there are those who choose an exotic name. There are also those who opt for the most current and modern names. Therefore, we have selected the 10 modern names for girls, with their origin and meaning.

Modern names for girls are names with current flavor, although most have a long tradition, that have been little used or that come from other cultures. In any case, a modern and current name is ideal to reinforce the personality of your girl.

1. Daniela. It is a name of Hebrew origin with a meaning that speaks of Justice. That this name has a long tradition is not an impediment to sound totally new and current, with a touch of charm that is difficult to resist.

2. Martina. The name has a Latin origin and a meaning related to the Roman god Mars. It is a very topical name that has been able to reinvent itself through the generations. Today it is an original name with a powerful personality.

3. Laia. It is a name of Greek origin, a variant of the more traditional Eulalia. This is a simple but forceful girl's name that gains popularity every year and that sounds modern and exotic.

4. Valeria. The name is from latin origin and has a meaning that speaks of strength and vigor, quite a declaration of intentions for your girl. It is one of the most attractive names for girls, full of elegance and sophistication, with such force that today it is one of the most appreciated names.

5. Nadia. It is a name of Slavic origin that means "hope". We are facing one of the most beautiful modern names for girls because it radiates elegance and distinction.

6. Erika. This name has a Scandinavian origin and a meaning that speaks of the eternal power. As popular in feminine as its masculine, Eric, is a name full of charm and personality. Without a doubt, a safe bet for your girl.

7. Yaiza. It is a name of Canarian origin and its meaning is related to the Sun rays. It is a name of exceptional beauty that exudes sweetness and delicacy. Because it has not been widely used until now, the name has not lost its freshness and can be considered modern.

8. Ariana. It is a name of greek origin, possibly a variant of Ariadna. The name is surrounded by a special magic that makes it very attractive and also stands out for its strong personality.

9. Olivia. This name is from latin origin and its meaning speaks of protect the peace. Although known since ancient times, it has been long forgotten, which is why it now resurfaces as a modern, powerful and charming name.

10. ZoƩ. It is a name of greek origin with a literal meaning of "lifetime". It is a simple and forceful name with an exotic touch. The personality it radiates makes it one of the favorites for girls today.

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