Internet as a resource network for children

Internet as a resource network for children

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Almost before starting school, many children feel a great attraction to new technologies: consoles, computers, mp3, mobile phones. At such young ages they know how to handle the computer mouse with ease, probably because this technological tool is already a daily element in many homes.

Let's learn to use the Internet as a resource network for children, a tool that can be very useful and didactic.

All children like traditional games: going after a ball, running in the park or playing with dolls and strollers ... but it is also true that technological games attract more and more attention or the devices that older people use, so they do not hesitate to get on your lap to operate the mouse and carefully see what appears on the screen, they show great dexterity with the handling of buttons and controls, as if they were born already knowing topic.

My four-year-old son feels an irresistible attraction to all technological gadgets and, when we have this natural predisposition, why not take advantage of it for educational purposes. We can search and make available many of the pages destined to satisfy the recreational needs and educational of this very young audience.

Children are highly motivated to learn when they decide what to learn and how to do it themselves. It's really fun learning things through these tools so attractive to them. The home computer can become a useful tool to use for the benefit of our children.

Let's navigate through the virtual world offered by the internet that offers a wide range of possibilities to download free games, stories in English, coloring pages, encyclopedias to consult, educational material and activities according to age, music, images and incalculable resources for our children to learn.

So in due measure, preventing children from showing anxiety, nervousness or addiction, we must take advantage of this inexhaustible source of information, training and enjoyment for our little ones, although taking into account that we are the ones who must make the selection and search for the material before putting it in their small and technological hands.

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