Why do children have so much energy

Why do children have so much energy

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The popular saying that children never get tired is known. Also, most adults are not able to keep up with them.

The little ones show extraordinary vitality. They spend all day running, jumping and playing for hours and it seems that they never get tired. It seems that they move thanks to an inexhaustible source of energy. Why do children have so much energy?

A recent study states that children produce the energy that moves them more efficiently than adults. This study comes from the University of Clermont Auvergne in France and aims to respond to what appears to be the “superhuman” resistance capacity of children. To do this, the researchers used 3 groups of subjects that were divided as follows:

  • 12 children from 8 to 12 years old.
  • 12 men without activity or physical training with ages between 19 and 23 years.
  • 13 high endurance athletes from 19 to 27 years old.

In the experiment, subjects were subjected to different high-impact exercise tests by taking different measurements in each session. In particular, they focused on how their bodies produced energy:

  • Aerobically, that is, from the oxygen in the blood. Which allows to achieve a much higher level of resistance.
  • Anaerobically. Increased blood levels of lactic acid, which is responsible for the feeling of fatigue.

In the results, it was found that children use their aerobic metabolism more, which allows them to reach a much higher level of resistance and, therefore, makes them less tired during exercises.

In addition, children's metabolism is more efficient by eliminating lactic acid. Thus, your heart rate recovers much faster and you take advantage of the feeling of fatigue to keep wanting to move.

Keeping up with children when they are young will not be so much a matter of age but of stamina. That is, physical condition will be the key. Therefore, adults must be active as it will be positive for:

  • Encourage and set an example of Healthy life to the kids.
  • Physical and emotional health for the adult himself.

Physical activity is the greatest ally for children who seem to never tire. And the best way for little ones to exercise is through play.

Therefore, we present you an infallible game that, in addition to being simple, will make children sleep better. To play the adult must:

  • Stand in front of the child leaving some separation between them.
  • Then you should stretch your arm and place your hand palm down. It should be placed at a height where the child has to jump to touch his palm with the adult's. The first time it will serve as a kind of test. The height of the hand depends on the age and height of the child, always taking into account that the little one has the opportunity to reach various heights.
  • Once you have touched the hand at the first height, it is placed a little higher. Then the child jumps again to touch the hand. When you do, you have to continue raising the height successively.
  • The idea is that they see how far they can jump. They have three chances to get to touch the hand at each height. If they fail, they start over.

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