My aunt. Children's poem dedicated to aunts

An aunt, a good aunt is a very positive reference in the education of children. An aunt is a second mother, is a counselor, psychologist, playmate, babysitter, and much more.

Aunts have a great impact on the lives of children, so we dedicate this children's poem dedicated to aunts: My aunt. A nice short poem in tribute to mom's or dad's sister

My aunt loves me very much,

I'm going with her for a walk

she tells me that when she was little

I changed a diaper.

She is my mother's sister,

when he takes me to school,

buy me delicious ice cream

she shakes me and kisses me.

And when we sleep together

because my parents go out

we share the secrets

and we had a great time.

Check if your child understood the message of this beautiful children's poem about aunts by asking them these questions:

- Who is this poem dedicated to?

- What things do the protagonists of the poem do together?

- Do you like being together?

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