Short captions for children. Mythology about nature

Short captions for children. Mythology about nature

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There are countless legends of Greek mythology. We may tend to think that it is something for adults, but the stories of ancient Greece convey messages full of values ​​for children.

Stories are a great tool for explaining complex concepts to children, as well as an imaginative way of talking about the why of things. The universe, the seasons, the sea ... everything can be explained by a story.

If you want to enhance children's imaginations, help them with stories or legends like these, where fantastic characters reveal symbols and encrypted messages.

These short stories are adapted for the little ones to have fun and understand the message of the story or legend.

How the Milky Way was formed. We adapt Greek mythology to children in the form of short legends. The Milky Way also has a mythical origin in which some Olympian gods and the famous Greek hero Hercules participate.

How the rainbow is formed. The ancient Greeks had a very special legend about the rainbow, which owes its name to the winged goddess Iris. Short stories based on Greek mythology. Mythology for children.

Poseidon and the underwater kingdom. Tale or legend from Greek mythology for children. Poseidon is the god of the seas in Greek mythology. Discover his story of how he gets angry with humans every time they litter or pollute the sea, the place where he lives.

Persephone and the four seasons. Children's stories based on Greek mythology. Persephone is the creator of the four seasons of the year, along with her mother Demeter. Spring, summer, autumn and winter explained in mythology.

Pandora's box. When Pandora opened the box she had been given, many bad things for humanity escaped. What happened to hope?

The rape of Europe. Greek mythology is also for children if we adapt it to each age. In this legend Zeus kidnaps Princess Europa and takes her to Crete. Meanwhile, the princess's brothers search for her across the continent.

Aeolus helps Ulysses. Greek mythology for children. Aeolus is the lord of the winds and helps Ulysses so that he can return to Ithaca. Short legends of mythology for children.

The Apple of discord. The apple of discord was a poisoned gift at a wedding. The discussion that the apple generated led to the famous Trojan War. Children's stories are a good resource for children to learn values.

Hercules and Atlas look for the golden apples. The story of the Greek hero Hercules who went to find the golden apples and found the titan Atlas holding the world on his shoulders. Tales for children about adapted mythological gods.

How the fire arose. Legends of Greek mythology for children. Prometheus steals fire from Zeus to give it to humans. Short stories from Greek mythology.

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