Health problems in children related to humidity

Health problems in children related to humidity

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Many people have the habit, after washing their clothes, to put them inside the house to wait for them to dry. In many UK households they resort to this trick, given the high rate of rainfall in those latitudes. In spring and autumn the same thing happens in many places.

Some interesting work was done six years ago at the Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Institute in Glasgow which established that up to a third of the health problems of children and the elderly related to humidity were due to the practice of hanging clothes inside the house. This practice is used, for example, in up to 87% of Scottish homes.

Next, we expose you which are the health problems that have been directly related to humidity, and of which there is scientific evidence:

1- Fungi and mites. Shady areas of very humid rooms can be the ideal breeding ground for these microorganisms to proliferate. These agents proliferate especially under conditions of high humidity and warm temperatures.

2- Asthma. A percentage of children with asthma are in turn sensitized to one or more inhalants, among which are mites and fungi, as well as pollens and animal epithelia. In Spain, for example, the inhalant most implicated in cases of extrinsic asthma are mites.

3- Rhinitis. Although the respiratory manifestation that most concerns us pediatricians is asthma, in some children, the condition is limited to the upper airway.

4- Respiratory infections. If the ambient humidity is higher than 70%, respiratory infections (viral and bacterial) are more likely.

- Construction of houses with independent spaces for drying clothes.

- Introduction of dryers in homes. A problem to take into account derived from the use of these devices is their high energy consumption, as well as the lack of space.

- Use of moisture reducing devices. Their use is not properly protocolized, although from a conceptual point of view, in those very humid homes inhabited by families sensitized to fungi and mites, they can be a valid resource.

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