The Lebrón cub. Modern Fables for Children

The Lebrón cub. Modern Fables for Children

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Manners and good education are essential for children, since with them we can relate much better with the people around us.

With the new fable for children The Lebrón puppy, we can show the children why it is so important to learn good manners.

Lebrón was a cocker spaniel caramel color that made no noise when running. It was fluffy and so soft it looked like a stuffed animal. The little dog was very affectionate with everyone, but he was also very mischievous. He lived with his owner, grandmother Polca, in a beautiful wooden cabin.

Lebrón used to tangle the old woman's balls of wool, leaving little puddles everywhere and gnawed the pillows until breaking them. Granny Polca never scolded him. It amused him to watch him play. She didn't even correct him when she ate the cookies she'd baked for her granddaughters, or when she walked into the cabin on muddy legs and rolled on the white carpet.

One day, a friend of Granny Polca, named Olga, invited her to eat at a restaurant outdoors in a nearby town. The grandmother asked Olga if she could go with Lebrón.

Her friend's response was as follows:

- I'm very sorry, you will not be able to come, you will have to stay at home. Being so busy, it sure starts running around the tables and annoying customers.

Then the old woman understood that she must start training Lebrón if I wanted to make plans with him.

Moral: You need to be educated to be able to go anywhere.

Discover your your child has understood the fable through these simple reading comprehension questions.

- What race was Lebrón?

- Where he lived?

- Why do you think grandmother let him do whatever he wanted?

- Could Lebrón go to the restaurant?

- What should the grandmother have done with Lebrón?

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