Stories for children. Pedrito, the snail and the slug

Stories for children. Pedrito, the snail and the slug

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Generosity is an essential value intimately linked to solidarity, empathy and kindness. Nobody is born being generous. Many children have a hard time sharing their things, but if instead of forcing them to do it you teach them to be generous and share naturally, they will also benefit.

Teach your child to be generous. You can use stories with values ​​as a tool, like this one that we offer you: 'Pedrito, el caracol y la babosa'. Do not stop reading it to your child and reflect with him on the importance of sharing with others.

Pedrito was a little forest snail who wanted to find a friend. He walked and walked until he reached an orchard. There were some slugs there who laughed at his shell.

Pedrito, sad, hid in his shell. After a few days resting, it rained, and Pedrito left ready to go live elsewhere, but when he stuck his head out he saw a small slug that had been scared to see him.

- Don't be scared, I'm just a snail.

- But, but you are very strange, You wear a stone on your body! –Said the slug trembling.

- No, it's not a stone, it's called a shell, it's my house. When I am cold or it rains a lot I hide inside and I feel better.

- Well, I would like to have a shell like you. When will I grow up?

- You are a slug and you do not have a shell, but if you want we can try to find an empty one.

- I would like it very much, said the little slug jumping with joy.

The two friends started searching all over the forest and finally under the litter they found a precious shell, with a spiral drawn, but it was so big that they decided to look for another.

After a long time they found a small shell, but it was so small that the slug couldn't fit in any way. She became very sad and poor Pedrito did not know what to do to make him stop crying.

Finally he came up with a brilliant idea:

- We could share my shell Pedrito said to comfort the slug.

- Would you really do this for me?

- Of course I do. You are my friend. It got dark and the two companions went to sleep, the snail curled up at the bottom of the shell and the slug fit perfectly.

- Goodnight! they both said at the same time.


Story of Natalia Pons Roussel (Spain)

Find out if your child understood the story and its moral well. Reflect with him on the value of generosity and the benefits of sharing. You can help yourself with these questions:

1. What was Pedrito looking for?

2. What did the slugs do when they saw you?

3. Why was the slug you encountered on the road sad?

4. What did Pedrito do to help her?

5. What did Pedrito offer the slug at the end?

6. Do you think they were both happy? Why?

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