Parental affection is vital to the baby

Parental affection is vital to the baby

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The correct emotional development of the baby depends, to a large extent, on the affection that the parents have generously given the baby during its first months. This affection, this affection and this unconditional love that all parents feel for their newborn baby is necessary for him and completely stimulates his limbic system to establish relationships with his reference adults.

The baby when it is born is defenseless. He has been in his mother's gut for nine months and cannot have a very independent psychological development from his mother. He needs to be cuddled, caressed, in contact with his mother, which is what he has lived up to now.

The mother is the one who defines the baby by showing him the limits of the body. The baby has a strange sensation of the external world around him, which is new to him; Therefore, at the beginning, he will interact with the environment in an insecure way, he will explore everything, and it will be the mother who has to show him what each thing is.

It is clear that the mother is still in the process of recovering from childbirth and is not completely well, so this circumstance, it is possible, that it affects her relationship with the baby. For this reason, the father's role is very important at this time, as he will be the one who will support the mother and provide the baby with the necessary affection.

In terms of physical development, there have not yet been major movements or changes, the baby spends many hours sleeping and is usually calm most of the day. He moves his arms and legs, but very little by little.

Toys should be adapted to the age of the baby. 0-3 month old toys tend to have rounded shapes and are designed with contrasting colors to attract their attention, as their vision is not yet defined. At this stage, the mission of the parents is to try to stimulate him, accompanying him in his development. Through our observation, we will see what you like the most and what catches your attention.

At first, the baby will begin to follow the objects with his eyes and later he will begin to pick them up. To choose the toys we must take into account several aspects. First of all, the size. It must be suitable for your hand. If it is small, it will be able to take it well as it takes our finger. We must also look at the age at which the toy is directed, and bear in mind that their attention is still very little, so we should not force them to spend a long time fixing their attention because they are not capable yet.

It is important that you get to know your body. Around three months, the social smile appears, which shows us that he is already coming into contact with the external world. It is an age when mother and baby interact together with the support of dad. We must bear in mind that stimulating is not accelerating the learning process, but accompanying it in its development.

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