Benefits of horse riding for children

Benefits of horse riding for children

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Although we parents are clear that our children should practice some sport, we are not always so clear about the choice of the ideal sport. We look at the equestrian and in its benefits for children as an attractive, interesting and very special sport.

Equestrianism is not an elitist or class sport. It is not necessary to buy a horse for the child to enjoy riding and feel lucky to be able to ride. In addition, equestrian benefits for children they are on both the physical and emotional sides.

Horse riding is a sport that includes various modalities and all of them are practiced with the child on the back of a horse. If horseback riding is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities, it also brings numerous physical benefits. Although the child is seated, horse riding favors muscle development, increases endurance and stimulates motor skills.

Riding a horse usually brings a series of physical advantages to the child who practices this sport. Learn to manage coordination, improve balance and develop a sense of direction. As if that were not enough, concentration is essential for this sport that requires technique, attention and precision. But if there are many physical benefits of horse riding, many more are the emotional benefits.

It is not a ball, nor a ball, nor a racket that the child has to take into account when practicing horse riding, but a living being. Although horse riding is not a team sport, it does require teamwork between the animal and the child, something that will teach them to care for and respect animals, as well as a certain sense of responsibility, one of the fundamental values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we must instill in our children.

The child and the horse form a union in which empathy, solidarity, cooperation and understanding are needed and this learning will be very helpful in their day to day. We also find the development of the sensitivity, a quality that is needed to deal with the horse on a daily basis. If we also add the improvement of self-esteem, the practice of horse riding is presented as one of the most beneficial activities for children.

The ability of equestrianism to improve the behavior of troubled kids little given to respect the rules, as well as to favor the social skills of shy children. And the equine therapy to considerably improve the quality of life of children and adults with certain diseases.

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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