Children's poems by María Elena Walsh

Children's poems by María Elena Walsh

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Maria Elena Walsh is a poet who was born on February 1, 1930 in Ramos Mejía, a suburb of the city of Buenos Aires. He finished his studies at the National School of Fine Arts, at the age of 17, when he wrote his first book: 'Unforgivable Autumn'. Already before, in 1945, he had published his first verses in the magazine 'El Hogar' and in the literary supplement of 'La Nación'.

From our site, we want to share with all the children the nursery rhymes of María Elena Walsh More popular. Don't stop reading them to your child.

Invited by Juan Ramón Jiménez, María Elena Walsh traveled to the United States in 1948. In 1952 she left for Europe, living in Paris for 4 years. At this time he began to write verses for children. In 1959 he wrote scripts for television, radio, children's songs and plays. All his rebellion, his disenchantment, his opposition, his love of nature and children have been reflected in numerous poems, novels, stories, songs, essays and newspaper articles.

Here we offer you two of his best-known poems: 'The study cow' and 'Manuelita the turtle'. Enjoy with them and don't stop reading them to your child.

Once upon a time there was a cow
in the Quebrada de Humahuaca.
As she was very old, very old,
she was deaf in one ear.

And even though she was already a grandmother
one day he wanted to go to school.
He put on red shoes
tulle gloves and a pair of glasses.

The teacher saw her scared
and said: - You're wrong.
And the cow replied:
Why can't I study?

The cow, dressed in white,
he settled into the first bench.
We boys threw chalk
and we were dying of laughter.

People left very curious
to see the studious cow.
People came in trucks,
on bicycles and on airplanes.

And as the bochinche increased
nobody studied at school.
The cow, standing in a corner,
she ruminated on the lesson alone.

One day all the boys
they became donkeys.
And in that place in Humahuacala
the only wise man was the cow.

Manuelita lived in Pehuajó
but one day it was marked.
No one knew why
to paris she left
a little walking
and another little on foot.

Manuelita, Manuelita,
Manuelita where are you going
with your malachite suit
and your step so bold.

Manuelita once fell in love
of a turtle that passed.
He said: What can I do?
Old woman won't love me
in Europe and with patience
they can beautify me.

At the Paris dry cleaner
they painted it with varnish.
They ironed it in French
The right and upside down.

They put a wig
and booties on the feet.
So many years it took to cross
the sea that wrinkled there again
and that's why she came back old as she left
to look for her turtle who is waiting for her in Pehuajó.

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