19 funny phrases for children. The most hilarious children's phrases

19 funny phrases for children. The most hilarious children's phrases

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Do not you think some of the children's ideas are great? They are able to say the most incredible, exotic or funny things without even twisting their face. And it is that, many times they do not realize that what they have said is really hilarious.

On our site we have summarized some of the funny children's phrases, they are the most hilarious phrases that we have found and have been told by our followers. We assure you that you will not stop laughing with these funny children's jokes.

1. 8-year-old Alba funny phrase

- Mom, do you know the story of the surfer's daughter?

- No, what's the story?

- Yes, the one that the girl has a green face and turns her head.

- Isn't it the exorcist's girl?

2. A funny phrase from 4-year-old Hugo

- Mom, how did I get out of your belly?

- Well, first the head came out, then the shoulders, then the body and finally the legs.

- Mom, but is it that I was destroyed?

3. Funny phrase by Ignacio (3 years old)

One night, at dawn, Ignacio gets up by himself from his bed, goes to the bathroom, pees and then sneaks up to his mother's bed:

- Mom, Mom ... I got up by myself to pee so as not to wake you up.

4. 8-year-old Miguel

- Mom, do those who kill go to hell?

- Sure son, they are the first to go.

- And those who kill in video games?

5. Fernando, 3 years old, said this funny phrase

Fernando was taking a bath and noticed that his hands had become very wrinkled

- Mamáááááááá, I know why the old men are so wrinkled .... They are in the bathroom all day!

6. Marina, 4 years old

- Mom, is "I want to retire" written with B or V?

7. 4-year-old Greta said this hilarious phrase

- It's great to be a human but sometimes, I wish I was a fairy.

8. Álvaro, 5 years old

Álvaro and his brother were in the room playing and, suddenly, the brother begins to cry. The mother comes and ...

- Mom, I haven't done anything, my shoe has come off my foot and has hit the little brother's head.

9. Carla, 6 years old

- Good morning darling, do you want a hug ?, her mother says to Carla.

- The truth is that what I need is a pancake with a lot of chocolate.

10. A funny phrase from 7-year-old Jorge

- Mom, I'm sorry, I won't be able to study high school, I won't have time. I have to be a Formula 1 driver and win a lot of races.

11. Luis, 3 years old

One day Luis said to his mother: "When I grow up, if I have a mustache, I'll be called Pedro."

12. Clara, 4 years old

Clara, with a serious and worried voice ...

- "Mom, I have to confess ... I eat boogers."

13. Valeria, 6 years old

- Okay, he's going to have a little brother, but why do you two have to be his parents?

14. Phrase from Ella, 5 years old to laugh:

- Ella, blow your nose and pick up the blanket that you have thrown on the floor.

- Jooo, I have to do everything!

15. Nicolás, 9 years old:

- Dad, I'm in love but she has told me that I have to fall out of love because she loves my friend, what do I do? Do I fall out of love or not?

16. Madeleine, 4 years old.

Madeleine was looking at her newborn baby brother who was wrapped in a blanket all over his body ...

- Mom, how long does it take for her arms to grow?

17. Funny phrase from Ernesto with 6 years:

- Are you also daddy's mom?

- No, dad's mom is grandma.

.... Ernesto thoughtful ...

- Ahh then I'll be your grandmother when I grow up.

18. Iñaki with 6 years

- How much is left until the end of the course?

- We are going to start the last quarter, April, May and June are left to finish.

- Ah, so April, May, June, Thursday, Friday ... and the weekend!

19. Carol with 3 years

Carol was trying to eat an orange with skin and, suddenly, confused, she looks at her father and ...

- Dad, this doesn't work.

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