Pregnant: what should I wear now?

Pregnant: what should I wear now?

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You have reached the fourth month of pregnancy and you notice that your body has changed. Your shapes are no longer the same, your waist is barely noticeable, your breasts have increased in size, and your belly is enlarging, day after day. What to do? and What clothes to wear?

Experience says that the best in cases like this is to prevent the situation, that is, to make the appropriate purchases before the body changes and gains volume. Once you gain weight, you can be too lazy to go shopping and make a good wardrobe for all the months of pregnancy. So much so that many women choose or have no choice but to wear their husbands' old shirts combined with tight leggings.

And it is that entering a maternity clothing store now is fascinating. Now the market offers a great variety of styles, colors and textures in fabrics, with wonderful clothing designs, made especially for pregnant women. Extra kilos or pronounced curves are not a problem when choosing modern and stylish clothes. In particular, I believe that you can take advantage of the new forms that the body of a pregnant woman gains. Happily, now he's wearing his gut with style. I think that pregnant women already have enough with the discomforts of pregnancy such as swelling and pain in the legs, and fatigue, as if to get carried away by laziness, lack of time or determination, and not taking care of their figure .

A pregnant woman can be as pretty, sexy and attractive as before. And if you don't believe it, as a picture is worth a thousand words, let him say it look the pregnancy of some famous women like Salma Hayek, Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, and many more. Everything requires will and wisdom when choosing the clothes that suit you the most.

If you are determined to go shopping, it is advisable that you stay true to your style and combine maternity clothes with your way of life. In your choice you must bear in mind that, above all, your underwear must be very comfortable to avoid tightness and itching. You look The exterior should adapt to your changes, taking into account the growth of your belly in the coming months. It is recommended that the clothes be comfortable, and made of natural fabrics such as cotton and linen to facilitate perspiration.

The panties, as well as the stockings, must be special maternity. Most have an elastic fabric that you can raise above the belly, preventing it from pressing. If you choose to continue wearing your usual underwear, it is advisable to place the panties and stockings below the belly to avoid oppressing it. Bras or bras should be compliant, non-wired, and supportive to support the increased volume of the breasts.

Regarding size, it is best to consider what you can wear in the third trimester of pregnancy, when the belly usually grows more. Also consider what season of the year coincides with each stage of pregnancy to see if you have to buy summer or winter clothes for the first or third trimester. And don't forget that, normally, in the last months of pregnancy, the basal metabolism increases and the woman feels warmer.

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