7 clever questions from kids about space

7 clever questions from kids about space

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Children's curiosity is endless. And more to a subject as fascinating as space. The mysteries of the Universe draw a lot of attention to children. And questions are often thrown at us that we are not prepared for.

'Why don't the stars fall?' 'When will the sun go out?' These are some of the most common questions children ask. Could you answer them? Don't worry, because we help you. Find here the answers to the main questions of children about space.

The stars, the planets ... the universe! Just the fact of thinking that the universe is infinite, escapes our understanding, right? Imagine the number of questions that children come up with. Some have no answer (at the moment), but others do. Here they are:

1. Why don't the stars fall? Stick with this word: 'Gravity'. The stars do not fall thanks to the forces of gravity which also prevent the planets from falling or colliding with each other. For example, the planets are kept in order thanks to the gravity exerted by the Sun. This is a very large force of attraction. We can say that the force of gravity allows bodies to float in space.

2. What is a shooting star? Okay, it's going to surprise you, but shooting stars aren't really stars. They are small meteors. You know, pieces of rock or stones of different sizes. Most of them come from the remains of collisions between asteroids. Upon entering our atmosphere (because the force of gravity attracts them), they become incandescent, as if they were burned and that is why they glow. And you know: if you see any, make a wish.

3. Why is the Sun so bright? The Sun is like a ball of fire. The Sun is composed, attention, of Helium hydrogen. Ok, it will sound strange to you, but you should know that an element that produces a lot but a lot of heat, and that undergoes constant nuclear reactions. Imagine how much heat it can generate!

4. When will the Sun go out? You already know that the Sun is a star, and that it is very old. It is believed to have already celebrated more than 4.5 billion birthdays. Many! Well, it still has another 4.5 billion years left. What happens is that the Earth will die sooner, in approximately 1 billion years, because the sunlight will be so powerful that the water will evaporate.

5. What is in a black hole? Black holes are part of the undeciphered mystery of the universe. Do you know why it is black? Because it has such a force of attraction that not even light can escape them. Therefore, we cannot know what is inside. No one can get near them without being swallowed. It is known what generates them. Do you want to know? A star! A large and very powerful star, when it dies, that explodes generating so much force of gravity that it ends up creating a black hole. I know what you think. And no: the Sun will not turn into a black hole because it is too small.

6. Where is the end of the Universe? Phew! If you ever get the answer, you will win the Nobel Prize in Astrophysics. You know why? Because the Universe continues to expand and we are not able to measure it. At the moment it is something that escapes us .. Will you be able to find the answer?

7. Can there be more planets like Earth? Do aliens exist? Wow, finally we find the eternal question of man. Would you be excited to find life on other planets? Well, it seems quite probable that there is, although surely we will never get to greet the aliens. The universe is so big, that by probability, scientists trust that a planet like ours exists, and that it harbors some kind of life. But those planets would be so far away that we couldn't get to them. Although in the future ... who knows!

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