Nanny's elbow in children. Causes, symptoms and treatment

Nanny's elbow in children. Causes, symptoms and treatment

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Many times parents, playing with their children and without intention to harm them, can cause a painful and common injury to the elbow. This occurs when they apply a small amount of force while playing: swinging the child by the hand, spinning, lifting the child by the hands or by shaking the arm and pulling it.

This elbow injuryIt is known as Nanny Elbow or dislocation of the radial head and it is common in young children between 1 and 5 years of age. We explain how to prevent it and what to do in case it happens.

Most of the time it is the parents themselves who control this injury in their children. It can be through the games mentioned. Other times the injury also occurs due to a bad movement that the child makes while playing on inflatable mattresses, trampolines or trampoline, among others.

But why does this elbow injury occur? Generated when the head of the spoke leaves its normal positionSince the ligaments (which are the elastic bands that are responsible for joining one bone to another) are still very elastic and also very small bones, which makes it easier for the bone to come out of place.

Parents they may notice that it is a babysitter's elbow, because the child will have severe pain, therefore crying is the main symptom. Additionally, they will notice these other symptoms:

- The child keeps the arm immobile in a straight position.

- The child keeps the arm immobile with a slight curve at the elbow with the palm facing up.

In this type of injury, the elbow does not present major deformity, swelling, or bruising.

For the treatment of said injury, it is very important to go to the emergency room as soon as possible. There you will be evaluated by health personnel and they will do a Reduce maneuver and thus in a few minutes the child will be able to move his arm without pain or problems.

Faced with the despair of the child's crying and pain, many parents try to reposition their elbow at home. No attempt should be made to do anything except go to the health center immediately and in the event that treatment is delayed and repositioning is not performed promptly, immobilization of the joint may be warranted.

Also write down these series of recommendations to avoid a new episode of babysitting elbow in your child:

- It is important that parents know that Children who have already suffered this injury can be hurt again.

- You must take into account the risks while playing, taking the walk, or during the daily routine. Don't forget that your child should not be pulled, thrown or balanced by the arms, wrists or hands.

- When lifting your child, you should do it by grabbing the child by the waist or armpits. Avoid pulling or turning sharply by the forearms.

- Don't pull your arm while we walk fast, never lift the child by only one hand or the forearm, always remember that they must hold the child with security, subtlety, care for the well-being and healthy development.

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