The use of new technologies before the age of 3. Advantages and disadvantages for our son

The use of new technologies before the age of 3. Advantages and disadvantages for our son

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Many times we are perplexed to see how children under 2 years of age use the mobile or Tablet as if it were a toy. They have acquired this skill naturally and by imitation. They are very different from us, fathers and mothers born before 1990.

There is no key age to start using these technologies, rather, the moment should be when the child is able to interact with his environment. Let's start to analize what are the advantages and disadvantages of using them before 3 years.

The use of new technologies It has many advantages, especially at the educational level:

1. It is very useful for the good development of the child (drawing, visual and auditory stimulation).

2. Improves concentration, spatial appreciation, that begin to establish logical sequences and even serializations, improve manual dexterity.

3. Develop the skills of the little ones, helps them make decisions, to analyze and observe.

4. It can be a complement to traditional methods, never a substitute.

5. Stimulate research, the discovery and the desire to learn.

As it has many advantages, the use of new technologies in children under 3 years it also has many drawbacks:

1. That it is used without parental control, having access to certain content not appropriate for its age.

2. That they can be exposed to them without control at some point. Whenever they see something, whether on a tablet or on television, we must explain to them what they see and not just leave them in front of all these stimuli.

3. Psychomotricity focuses only on the fine appearance, forgetting the other parts of his body scheme.

4. Lack of socialization.

4. Its excessive use can create dependency.

The ideal is to use the technologies as a starting resource to start certain types of activities or as support to see certain images that we do not have present in our day to day. For example, to promote bilingualism from babies, you can use videos in English that talk about the routines of the little ones, or videos with well-known songs that help them internalize the language in a fun way.

The appropriate content for this age they are those that make them interact and do not keep them glued to the screens. They can listen to songs, view pictures, play with certain educational applications, etc.

There are many educational applications today. We must find the one that best suits our little ones, above all, by age and concepts to be treated.

In this first cycle of early childhood education we must accompany them in the use of this type of applicationas they can easily lead to frustration if you handle them alone from the beginning.

Also, give the little ones the phone to calm down is not a good option since, as if they were asking for something else, we are accustoming them to having an immediate response to what they want. I am a mother and I cannot deny that I resort to giving my son the phone at certain times, but you have to give it to them with control, for a limited time and knowing that they have it as part of their day, but not to calm a tantrum.

Lately we use it only to entertain, and we are leaving aside the traditional game and family relationships or with peers. We must use it to have fun, while learning without taking time for other activities appropriate for their age. We are a reflection for them and we are the first to live attached to technology. For this reason I think that we should forget about them, during the time that we are with our little ones, to play with them and develop their creativity through play, and not giving them everything through them.

For Marta Diaz Ruiz, Director of Escuela Nemomarlin Rivas, Madrid

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