Be a mother. A full-time, unpaid job

Be a mother. A full-time, unpaid job

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If you are looking for work, there is a permanent job offer for life, no matter how you perform. A safe job, which does not require you to move or move from home, which will provide you with emotions and truly magical moments, but which will require a lot of effort, overtime and for which you will not have financial remuneration. How about?

If you haven't guessed it yet it is: be a mother. A full-time, unpaid job but some qualify as the best job in the world.

When I saw this video for the first time, I was intrigued about what kind of job they were offering candidates. I wondered what job they were offered, a job without days off, without time to eat, without being able to get enough sleep, and that many people would accept it ... And on top of that it was a job like voluntary, that is, free.

This video, which in a few days has been around the world, is super well prepared. The experiment was to create a fictional work, publish the offer in newspapers and on the Internet, and make real interviews to offer employment with unusual characteristics, such as working from Monday to Monday and not receiving a salary for it. That is what has left the candidates with the creeps the most.

If you have not yet guessed which job is the one that does not allow you in some cases to reconcile it with other jobs, for which you will have to get up early, and that many times you will have to eat leftovers, but on the other hand will make you feel like the best person in the world, that you will get excited, you will laugh and it will make you feel loved and happy, watch this video. Maybe it's your chance to find a job that will fill your life forever. You never know.

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