Shopping center, the worst place to go with the baby

Shopping center, the worst place to go with the baby

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You have just had a baby and everyone gives you instructions on how to take care of it. One of the most listened to is that you have to go for a walk with him or her every day.

But, what do we do on cold days when it is so unpleasant? Or on very hot days? Many moms and dads opt for it shopping center but beware, it is the worst place to go with the baby.

Walking with the baby can be a nice moment to enjoy with the family, it will be good for the mother to recover little by little after the birth, and the sunlight, the open air, the movement and the different stimuli that the baby receives will be essential for its proper development.

But where do we go now in this cold? The answer is the same now in winter as it is in spring: to take a walk in the street, only more sheltered and protected from the rain and wind. There will be no shortage of people who will tell you that the best is the shopping center, that you will be warm there, but below we explain the reasons why the shopping center is the worst place to go with the baby.

Shopping centers are usually closed places, with heating or ventilation sometimes extreme or poorly controlled, excessive lighting, and almost always many people. This makes an explosive cocktail for a baby.

On the one hand, the environment is not the healthiest:

- Heating or air conditioning at high power makes the environment very dry, which is not suitable for babies. In addition, there may be sudden changes in temperature when moving from one area to another, which favors them getting sick. If we add to this the multitude of visitors that usually exist in a shopping center, we have a great breeding ground for viruses to grow and we take some home.

- Another different and no less important question is the amount of stimulation the baby receivesBright lights, loud music, bustle around you… it's not a positive sensory overload. A newborn does not have the ability to "filter" or "choose" stimuli, and all will reach him. That can overstimulate you and make you more nervous, irritable, or even try to fall asleep to stop so much information coming in, but it won't be a good night's sleep. It will be difficult for you to fall asleep, and being a light sleeper you may have frequent awakenings that make you more irritable. And this restlessness can last even when you return home, until you feel in a safe and calm environment.

For these reasons we recommend that you avoid shopping centers as much as possible. This does not mean that if for some reason we have to enter with the baby we are in a state of panic thinking that he is going to get sick and nervous, but it does mean that we consider other options that are more suitable for him or her. For example, if we have to go buy something, better a small neighborhood store; If we are going to meet for breakfast, we can look for quiet cafes (or "babyfriendly", as they say now).

If we just want to go for a walk, it will always be better outdoors, adapting to weather conditions. And if we have doubts, we can always resort to common sense, that sometimes in this breeding career we forget to consult it.

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